Thursday, October 05, 2006

Gluten Free Recipes Library Finally Online

Gluten-Free Recipes, Online and Free to the Public

I have finally launched my new public Gluten Free Recipes Library online at my book site.
At this point it only contains links to a few recipes, but I will be adding quite a few more GF recipes over time including more breads, pizza crusts, cookies, and quite a few other menu items.

The first recipe available (for a gluten-free multi-grain bread) should emulate the approximate long-term vision for future recipes, with both text versions of the recipe as well as a link to a download-ready PDF/Adobe-Acrobat-Reader versions when time permits (such PDF versions will be permit much nicer formatting than what I can accomplish in a website these days, and include pictures and other well-formatted content in each document, much like a typical page from my gluten-free desserts cookbook).

The site has been streamlined to make it load as quickly as possible for readers/viewers that do not have high-speed/broadband connections or who are using a mobile / wireless device. More tuning will take place as required to ensure the best GF-recipes experience for everyone.

And, of course the thing most everyone really cares about: more recipes! Yes, they will be coming as soon as the website has proven itself through some further testing.

And, I will hopefully get back to blogging about other useful gluten-free topics soon. I have some feedback about European travel and gluten-free foods availability to discuss (per my sister who's job sent her to Italy, Belgium, and the UK for a couple weeks recently). Surprisingly, she found the UK to be the easiest and most accessible gluten-free foods market (I was suspecting Italy would be given their high incidence rate of Celiac). More to come on this.

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