Friday, October 20, 2006

Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Pancakes Recipe

I have a new recipe to share with anyone that loves the taste of Pumpkin. This is a Gluten-Free Pumpkin Spice Pancakes Recipe that I came up with the past couple days. I will admit, I have had a tough time getting the outcome to be consistent, and these pancakes are very sensitive to proper moisture content and pan temperature... some batches came out perfect, others were a bit "wet" inside. I have the flavor just where I want it to be.

I had a few objectives with this recipe:
  • Dairy-Free - done: I use water in the recipe vs. Milk
  • Low-Fat - no added fats
  • High-Fiber - Yes! About 8 grams per batch (which, I call a serving) - about four 4-5" pancakes. 5 grams from the Pumpkin, 2 from the Teff, and the rest from Buckwheat, Cinnamon, misc.
  • Nutritious - 300% of the RDA of Vitamin A, some Iron/Calcium, (and all that Fiber).
  • Easy to Make: generally, but needs tuning to meet this objective completely and consistently.


½ Cup Pumpkin (Canned, unflavored)
¼ Cup Brown Sugar
1 Egg
¼ Cup Buckwheat Flour
2 Tablespoons Teff Flour
½ Teaspoon Baking Powder
¼ Teaspoon ground Cloves (or Allspice)
¼ Teaspoon ground Nutmeg (I used fresh ground)
1 Teaspoon ground Cinnamon
Pinch/Dash of Ginger
¼ Cup Water** (this seems to vary a bit based on pumpkin and what day of week it is)

Just mix it all together well (I used electric mixer). Place the resulting "batter" on your fry pan or griddle in amounts that when spread to a thickness of 3/8" or so (using a spatula or spoon) form a 4-5" round pancake. Adjust your frying temperature such that the pancakes cooks about 3/4 of the way through prior to flipping (and, without burning). Continue to fry second side until golden brown. When done, the inside should look like a normal pancake (i.e., cooked through, with some bubbles, and not overly "wet") -- this is what I found hardest to achieve consistently thusfar, as temperature seems critical, and the water content. (oh, I almost forgot to mention, I also love making these a bit less nutritious by adding some chocolate chips to the recipe on occasion - yum!)

I considered separating the egg-whites out, whipping them up, and folding in later for volume, but didn't want the hassle. I could also start be beating the entire egg, but didn't try that yet. I may try adding a bit of rice-flour. Who knows. If anyone wants to improve and donate the "perfect" formula for success, feel free... I always look forward to recipe improvements!

I serve these gluten free pancakes with just a touch of Maple Syrup, and a glass of fresh Apple Cider (which is in season right now). Makes for a great Fall treat, though I could sure eat the pancakes year-round!


Lynn Barry said...

I will definitely try these. Way to go MIKE!

Mike Eberhart said...

Looking forward to your feedback.
And, to any improvements. I will be "tuning" as I said, but any help tuning is appreciated.

You'll notice that I like all that spice -- not sure how many others will. So, flavor to personal taste of course. Enjoy.

Lynn Barry said...

Some newbies had my pumpkin chocolate cookies (I froze a bag of them and whipped them out today)and loved them, actually kept exclaiming over how good they are. I will try the pumpkin pancakes this week. Of course I will let you know how they came out.

Anonymous said...

I was very excited to come accross this recipe, BUT... I have celiacs disease and buckwheat has gluten in it! :( maybe you should rename it as Wheat free instead of Gluten free!!!!

Mike Eberhart said...

I let your post through so others could see my response.


Buckwheat, in its pure form, is gluten-free. It IS safe for Celiac Disease sufferers. It is not related to wheat in any way either. There is a lot of information available to this effect.

Sadly, I run into many people that have been misinformed about buckwheat, and as such they avoid an otherwise SAFE and flavorful and healthy grain they can include in their Celiac-safe diets.

I will do another blog article about buckwheat, and one with detailed links to the underlying science including why buckwheat is gluten free. It is not even related (genetically) to gluten-containing grains - in fact, it is technically a fruit.

In the mean time, if you want to purchase some CERTIFIED GLUTEN-FREE BUCKWHEAT try Birkett Mills (that's where I get it). Also, check out their own web-page discussing in detail why buckwheat is gluten-free here:
Birkett Mills Gluten-Free Buckwheat Info

Thanks for stopping by.