Sunday, January 31, 2016

Romanesque Cauliflower (Couve-flor) : as beautiful as it is delicious!

Romanesque Cauliflower

A delicious vegetable with visual presence to match...

One look at the picture says it all: this gluten-free vegetable known as a Romanesque Cauliflower is simply visually fascinating in its structure and almost a natural work of art.  And, if you like the taste of cauliflower but find it to be to "bland" or lacking in flavor, and if you like broccoli but find it perhaps slightly too heavy on flavor, this romanesque cauliflower may be just what you are looking for: it tastes like a cauliflower but with the addition of a bit of broccoli flavor.

Romanesque Couve-Flor (Cauliflower)

I just encountered this vegetable for the first time here in Lisbon, Portugal.  They are available at a few of the supermarkets (supermercados) or local fruit and vegetable stands in the area.  Also, it was quite reasonably priced at €1.59/Kg (i.e., at today's exchange rates, that is about $.80/pound in USA terms).  Not bad at all.  This lovely example (image above) weighed just over 1Kg, so it was not quite USA $2.00.

Prepare it as you do your favorite broccoli or cauliflower dish and enjoy.  This should make a healthy diet / recipe choice as well. I like to bake/roast my broccoli in the oven in a cast-iron skillet (once cut into segments, that is), and I enjoy eating it plain or with a slight bit of grated cheese sprinkled over it, or even some ratatouille poured over the top (tried that last time and it was rather enjoyable).

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