Sunday, October 15, 2006

Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free "Wheat Bread"

Yes, it is possible! I am convinced now that my wife has created an astonishingly Wheat-Bread-tasting gluten-free and wheat-free bread! The flavor is the best of any bread I have had in years, though she is still perfecting the texture and rise-rates of the bread-dough and such. It reminds me of a commercial standard whole wheat bread with its flavor - nothing short of amazing.

This is the second attempt at creating a gluten-free "wheat bread". The first attempt had excellent flavor, but the interior of the bread was a bit gooey (The outside was perfect -- I ate the entire crust in one sitting). This second attempt is much closer to the desired texture inside, though it still appears to need a bit more leavening and a bit less liquid. Now, I will eat the entire crust, plus the top inch and a half of the loaf... the lower part is too dense yet in my personal opinion. Regardless of the density issue, I still think it is way ahead of the commercial brown-rice bread I have had (which is as dense as a rock, and with taste and texture to match. heh).

As time permits, my wife will certainly be trying her hand at perfecting this bread. And, once she does, I am rather positive it will garner quite a bit of attention in the celiac disease, gluten-free, and wheat-free diet communities when we release it on our website. Wish Laura luck, as you will all reap the rewards of her efforts!

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