Sunday, October 08, 2006

Gluten Free Fall Treats - Apples and more.

Yes, fall has some particular treats to offer the gluten free individual, especially in the fresh produce area. Though you can probably get Apples all year round wherever you live, I find them so much better when they are basically fresh of the tree and locally grown. Above pictured are a couple of Cortland apples from near our house, and these are just fabulous for eating plain or baking pies with. A wonderful combination of sweetness with a bit of tartness, and a crispy non-grainy white fleshed interior make for quite the gluten free treat!

In general, when it comes to apples, if you can follow the harvest schedule in your area (each variation of apple is picked during a certain week or two of the year), you can have fresh picked apples (unlike the ones at stores that have been in cold-storage for perhaps months at a time on a trip from New Zealand to here) for easily a couple months in the fall.

I've written about some other fall treats for Celiac Disease sufferers - things that are gluten-free and quite delicious: like, pumpkin, fall squash (which store well for months), and a few other things. Even various nuts that are harvested this time of year are a great treat and can be used in your baked goods.

Well, time to go enjoy (or not) the other side of fall now: raking leaves!

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