Thursday, October 12, 2006

Link between Celiac Disease and Cognitive Decline

Just reading the title of a new article today -- "Mayo Clinic Discovers Potential Link Between Celiac Disease And Cognitive Decline" -- is enough to give anyone with gluten enteropathy a bit of a pause. That's not exactly the kind of news we all want to hear.

The found there was a link between Celiac Disease and cognitive decline, though it did not go as far as to really isolate the complete cause of the connection -- that is what is to come in the followup study/research. This study has led to some theories about where there is such a correlation, which include:
  • Nutritional deficiency
  • Inflammatory cytokines -- chemical messengers of inflammation that could contribute to problems in the brain
  • An immune attack on the brain that may occur in some patients with celiac disease
Some things mentioned that are a cause for hope include:
  • The cognitive impairment seemed to be, relatively uniquely, of a reversible form of decline
  • It appears not all CD patients are at risk; though researchers can't identify which ones will be and will not be
  • Following a strict gluten-free diet will likely prevent most consequences of the disease.
The article is an interesting read.

On a completely different note: it is now snowing in Cleveland! This is just a bit premature for my liking. Perhaps I am suffering cognitive decline already, but I can not recall when it last snowed this early in the season. I know it has snowed on a few Halloweens over the years, but early October? The snow has been coming in waves... sunshine for a bit... some flurries (some rather significant ones)...back to sunshine. Strange, seeing all these fall leaves still on the trees, many of which are still green, and then waves of snow entering the scene. I just couldn't give up wearing shorts for the season yet, so I put on my windbreaker and went out to get the mail -- tolerable in brief bursts, but it is a bit chilly. If these cold temperatures persist for more than a few days, I guess I will have to bust out the jeans for the season a bit earlier than normal.

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Lynn Barry said...

Snowing already? We must be next to get hit. It appears to me that you are a sharp fella so I think you are not going to be effected. Good luck at the docs.
PS I tried a recipe I found for the pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and they are GREAT! Thanks.