Thursday, September 28, 2006

Introducing the newest gluten free wildlife: Sweet Tooth

Our gluten-free wildlife family just keeps expanding. This time, it is "Sweet Tooth", our local white-tailed deer, that has an insatiable taste for gluten free foods - especially sweet ones. What makes this deer particular interesting to me is that unlike all the other deer in the dozen+ herd that frequents our yard, this one really has a taste for human snack food. Other deer have just sniffed around at such things left out in the yard, and gone on to the usual feasting on our grass, flowers, trees, and the like; leaving the GF snacks for the birds and raccoon. But this one deer just can't get enough junk food.

In the picture above, Sweet Tooth is going for a gluten-free coffee-chocolate-chip muffin, and is inches away from his target. There were 4 such muffins in the yard prior to her arrival on the scene, and 3 of the muffins were gone in a couple minutes. The whole time, we just sat on our porch about 20 feet away watching the consumption take place. When Sweet Tooth could find no more, she just looked up at us in a way as to say "are there any more?". It had in fact missed one, which I pointed to, and I'll be darned if this deer didn't just go right to where I pointed, much like a well trained dog would have. All this GF food must be good for brainpower too! :)

Sweet Tooth has been back to look for more every day or two now, and has taken a liking to other treats like gluten free biscotti, leftover GF bread, and more. I'm not sure what other wildlife will be featured on the gluten free blog, but I do have a feeling I have a couple "regulars" on my hands with Sweet Tooth and our favorite raccoon (Goblin).

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Lynn Barry said...

This is great stuff, Mike. I look forward to reading and seeing your bog entries. Good job! Or should I say SWEET!