Saturday, December 02, 2006

What could be better than Almond Milk?

Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Gluten-Free Chocolate Almond Milk : Yum!

Chocolate Almond Milk (whether sweetened or unsweetened variety), of course, what a great idea! I have used Blue Diamond's gluten-free regular or vanilla Almond Milk (Almond Breeze line of products) for some time on cereal in the morning, and I find it just as tasty as Soymilk for this type of thing. In fact, I overwhelmingly prefer Soy or Almond Milk to regular milk when it comes to my cereal. I find the nutty flavor of either one really complements the flavor of whatever grains are in the cereal.

Chocolate Almond Milk Product Review

I just tried this gluten-free Blue Diamond Almond Breeze Chocolate Almond Milk a few hours ago, and, I must say, I really like it! I happened to see it for sale at Trader Joe's right alongside the other flavor I normally get, and I though - sure, why not give it a try. I am glad I did. The chocolate flavor and almond essence really come together for an overall great flavor. I can actually enjoy drinking it just for something different - and, it is another way to get a bit more calcium in the diet (or whatever other excuse I can find to get more chocolate into my diet) :)

I don't plan to start pouring the chocolate variety over my morning cereal, but I will keep it around for something to drink when I just do not want water or juice. And, for anyone allergic to Soy and dairy, this may be exactly what you are looking for in a milk-replacement. As an added bonus, it is gluten free!

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Michelle said...

Actually, Blue Diamond Chocolate does contain soy (it is dairy and gluten free however).

Dianne said...


Do you have your book sorted out for overseas buyers now? I need a book like this


Lynn Barry said...

Chocolate almond milk is yummy, I agree. Lately I seem to stick to rice milk, but I tried hazelnet milk last week in my hot drinks for a flavorful homemade latte effect, and it is good, too.

So nice to have people to share ideas with. Sometimes it seems we are alone with our intolerances...but not so. Take care.

Mike Eberhart said...

Diane, I have international order working for Australia, and I will be ready for the UK in another day or so. Thanks for being patient.

Michelle - thanks for the link!

Lynn, enjoy those lattes! Great for this cold-weather snap we're having.