Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Kate: our New Gluten-Free-Blog Guest Author

[by Mike] Ever since mid-2009, I have been facing a rather substantial backlog of gluten-free blog topics destined for publication here: gluten-free and wheat-free product-reviews, recipes, baking discussions, news, etc.

So, I went looking for someone to help with this situation back in 2009, and a friend turned newly gluten-free (Nick P.) joined the team temporarily and wrote a few reviews covering gluten-free beers and some other GF items — but, Nick was quickly overwhelmed with his nursing-program coursework and was not able to continue regular contributions to this blog (though, I am happy to report, he is graduating with his Bachelor's in just a few more months; then, off to his Master's program).

In Nick's absence, I continued trying to find someone with great English and writing skills (and familiarity with gluten-free diet requirements) to join as a Gluten-Free Blog contributor to help alleviate the backlog and increase the Gluten-Free blogging pace and get through all these product reviews and recipes and the like. In addition, I wanted someone that could also offer a fair comparison between "real" (gluten / wheat containing) foods and the gluten-free counterparts.

After well over a year of recruiting, we have a Gluten-Free Blog guest author again, and someone that has created quite a few gluten-free recipes of her own even as she can still consume wheat and gluten.  This should yield perspective and insights useful to all of us gluten-free types, and I for one always like hearing how something compares to the "real thing" (gluten-containing) version since many years of eating only gluten-free foods have transpired since my own last encounters with the "real thing".

Our new guest author: Kate

Kate is a PhD student studying English Literature at Rice University in Texas. She has been experimenting with vegetarian and gluten-free cooking and baking since 2005 and has previous experience contributing recipes to gluten free blogs and a gluten free cookbook.

UPDATE 2013: Kate has launched her own "Guide to Your Inner Foodie" blog that features gluten-free, vegetarian, and other alternative diet recipes including some very interesting experimental / fusion recipes.  Take a look.  It is not a dedicated "gluten-free only" site, but many recipes Kate posts are gluten-free and/or she includes hints for how to adapt them to GF-only lifestyles. 

As guest author here on the Gluten-Free Blog, she hopes to reach a broader selection of the gluten free community as she reviews gluten free products and shares her own — successful and unsuccessful — gluten free recipes and cooking experiences.

We welcome Kate to our blogging team and look forward to her opinions, recipes, and related gluten-free and wheat-free contributions (and, vegetarian-focused contributions).  As with the recipes I post here, any gluten-free recipes Kate contributes will also end up posted over on our free gluten-free recipes page at our book-sales website too for quick access by all our readers.

Kate has already provided me with some product reviews and recipes, so it is time for me to finish up this blog entry and get started with posting the content she is churning out.  I hope everyone appreciates her work and her writing style in her upcoming blogs.

Note: in order make it obvious when a "guest author" has produced content in my place, or supplemental to what I contribute, I will try to make it a point to always prefix the article, or portions of an article, with the appropriate author-name(s) in a bold and colorful marker, as I have at the top of this article.  Expect to see the guest-author's name (and potentially mine too) on any posts where a guest-author has contributed, and it will look like this: [by Mike] or [by Kate] etc.  I have also used "labels" (blogger labels/links) of the guest-author name to index their contributions to enable finding their blogs: simply use the "Prior Blogs by Category" feature on the right-hand side of this blog.

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