Thursday, May 05, 2011

Gluten-Free Cinco de Mayo : Simple Mexican Lunch

I was in the mood for some Mexican-inspired cooking today — to coincide with Cinco de Mayo — and I decided to just throw together this very simple-to-make Gluten-Free "dish" for lunch.  It took more time to photograph and post this tasty corn-tortilla and its toppings than it did to create the "recipe" for it :)

The "Recipe"
I simply started out with a favorite gluten-free bargain from Costco: Mission (brand) White Corn gluten-free Tortillas.  And, when I say bargain, I mean BARGAIN!  This is a 100-count package of GF tortillas (that is 5#12oz of tortillas), and for only $2.99! Wow, only 3-cents per tortilla!  They are clearly labeled gluten-free too.
Side note: These gluten-free tortillas are wonderful for making all sorts of Spanish/Mexican-inspired dishes as well as other "wraps" and things — whether you prefer stuffing them or topping them with fresh or grilled vegetables, salad items, your favorite meats, refried beans, etc., is up to you, and the simple variations abound.
This Cinco de Mayo gluten-free "recipe" starts with quickly searing / frying a couple of those tortillas in a cast-iron pan to firm them up a bit and impart some added grilled-flavor to the corn.

I was lucky enough to have some leftover chicken-breast that was quickly sliced and added on top of the tortilla.  Another few layers of avocado, some gluten-free avocado-salsa (also acquired at CostCo) and some Pita-Pal (brand) gluten-free "Texas Caviar" (a mix of corn, beans, other veggies, with a citrus / orange base; also from CostCo), all topped with my favorite habanero chili salsa  —  the result is a flavor packed and diet-conscious gluten-free Cinco de Mayo inspired lunch that I enjoyed and had completed in a hurry.

One notable exclusion this time is cheese.  I definitely like melting some cheese over top of my tortilla creations, but for whatever reason it just slipped my mind today.  I guess I was subconsciously keeping it healthier or lower-fat as an unintentional dairy-free recipe today.  And, had I just left off the chicken, I could have easily had a vegan recipe that would have been equally enjoyable.  Regardless, enjoy your Cinco de Mayo.


Sara Lucinda Bell said...

Oh my.
I may just have to celebrate seis de Mayo now. =P

Unknown said...

This looks delicious! I'm definitely making this soon. Great idea! Thanks for the recipe!