Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Starting the day with an English Muffin (from Foods by George)

Cinnamon Currant glutenfree English Muffins
Cinnamon Currant glutenfree English Muffins

Foods by George Review : Great Gluten-Free English Muffins

A little while back, I reviewed the plain gluten-free English Muffins from Foods by George. Since then, I have acquired their Cinnamon Currant glutenfree English Muffins (as shown above - toasted), and have become quite a fan of these as well. These are a great way to start the day — allergen free, and quite nice with a cup of coffee.

To give you a feel for how good these English Muffins are, regardless of whether they are gluten-free and safe for persons with Celiac Disease, they are tasty enough to appeal to the normal population. In fact, they have become a favorite breakfast item for my daughter, who is not gluten-free in the least bit.

So now, instead of purchasing a single pack of these at a time (I get them at Whole Foods), I buy three packages and hope to at least get around to eating one of the packs myself before they disappear! They keep well in the freezer for longer periods if you want to stock up on them. I've been keeping one sleeve of muffins in the fridge, and another couple in the freezer until we are ready for them.

If you like English Muffins, and want a bit of extra flavor over a plain one, then these cinnamon currant ones are definitely worth trying out. The flavor and texture is really nice, and they are so simple to toast up in a couple minutes (I use a wide-mouth / bagel toaster). I still get the plain ones too, but I now save those for my homemade "Egg McMuffins" of sorts (inspired by the McDonald's namesake).

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Dianne said...

Mmmmmmm! These look really nice!
I want to try them, wonder if they stock them in the london Wholefoods. I'll soon find out, I'mm off there on Saturday!


Mike Eberhart said...

Dianne, I can't wait to hear if Whole Foods London carries these and other great products! I've been quite curious as to what is and is not available in the UK compared to here. Have a good trip to London!

Lisa from Boston said...

Hi Mike! I have been eating these English muffins since I was diagnosed and they are some of the best of what is out there....very, very yummy. Try them with peanut butter!

The London Whole Foods Market is not supposed to open until Sept. of 07. The other smaller ones, scattered throughout London, did not carry the same GF stuff that is available in the of May of 05. However, there were GF products of European origin that were good also....just not as much variety. I'm hoping that will change on my next visit.

kbabe1968 said...

ya know....Mike....I bought these a long time ago and had one, but I think I was too close to my gluten eating days for comparison.

I recently retried them and agree, they are good. I've used themf or all sorts of things, too. :D Thanks for giving me the courage to try them again! :D

Mike Eberhart said...

Whole Foods in London is open already. Opened a couple months ago. I wanted to check it out last week while I was there, but didn't have a chance. Dianne (from Gluten Free Journey) has been there though, and it sounded like they had a fair amount of stuff, though I'm not sure about all the flours and such we take for granted here in the USA. I'll be blogging about gluten-free in the United Kingdom quite soon by the way :)

Lisa said...

Hi Mike,
I wish I had known you were going to the UK as I've been many times and would have told you not to worry about getting a safe meal....the English, Scots and Irish know Celiac Disease well so it makes travel there easier. Who wants to worry about food when there are so many outstanding things to see and do across the Pond? Look forward to your blog!