Thursday, May 24, 2007

Glutenfree English Muffins Review

Foods by George: gluten-free English muffin, toasted

Gluten-Free English Muffins from Foods by George Product Review

Above is a picture of one of my favorite recent gluten-free food discoveries: Gluten-Free English Muffins from Foods by George. What you see here is one-half of a glutenfree muffin (in the foreground) that I sliced and toasted. And, with luck, the picture is detailed enough to give you a pretty good idea what the interior texture of the toasted English Muffin is like. Quite simply, it's wonderful!

Had I not been gluten-free, and had someone give me one of these muffins for breakfast, I am rather sure I would have still found it to be a nice morning treat. Although the picture shows a plain muffin, I later created a breakfast featuring one of these gluten-free English Muffins with Eggs and a bit of cheese (I'm sure a few of you are familiar with a McDonald's restaurant creation that is quite similar). The results were excellent and delicious, regardless of which way I served the muffin.

Toasted (as shown), the muffins get a nice crispy, crunchy surface as you'd expect, while maintaining a softer spongy/resilient inside region. This makes for a nice balance of texture as I think a good English muffin should have. And, the taste is quite mild and is easily complemented by your choice of butter, eggs, jam, or whatever else you love to eat on your breakfast creations.

I first encountered this product when I met George and his wife at the Long Island, NY Celiac event a month ago, and I was quite pleased to recently find out that both my local corner health-food and gluten-free foods provider (a mere mile up the road from me) carries these gluten-free English Muffins, as does Whole Foods and a couple other nearby stores. I have now added these to my regular-items list, and make sure I keep a bag in the freezer.

There are four of these (quite thick) gluten-free breakfast treats per bag, and even once sliced horizontally in half, they will almost certainly require one of those wider large-mouth (or bagel type) toasters. I suppose you could also brown them in a pan or in the oven if you didn't have the wide-capacity toaster.

These muffins are also dairy-free if that is of interest to you as well.

The Product Review Verdict

I definitely give these gluten-free English Muffins an unconditional "thumbs up" rating, and am glad I found them. After years of living gluten-free, it's always nice to encounter yet another wonderful product to have available for regular consumption. Tomorrow I'll be trying one of these muffins with some Black Raspberry Jam - I'm already looking forward to it!

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Karen said...

OOo, they look great! I look forward to trying them myself sometime soon. My lcoal grocery store just started carrying them, yay!

Dianne said...

And the comment from the English girl that is gluten free! They look pretty much like English breakfast muffins and the texture definately looks right. Having said that I havent eaten one for years ... so hopefully soon they will come my way


Lynn Barry said...

I am happy for you, by George!
Go ahead an write that I AM entry...maybe it will turn into being your autobiography and your next book venture.
HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY Weekend, my friend.

Kathy G said...

I certainly will look for these here in Georgia. I can just taste them dripping with butter and jam. :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Mike Eberhart said...

Lynn - thanks for the holiday wishes. Likewise for you. Happy Memorial Day!

Kathy - Thanks for stopping by my blog also. Always enjoy new people on here. And, if you want your blog entries to show up on the GF News Aggregator, let me know.

Dianne - being from the UK, yep, an English Muffin should fit right in. If it wasn't for the fact they are to be stored frozen, I'd bring some over when visiting the UK.

Karen - thanks for the visit, and enjoy those muffins!