Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Discount on Jigsaw Health Bars orders

I recently wrote a gluten-free blog entry about these gluten-free Jigsaw Health bars that I really like (as my Jigsaw Bars Product Review will make obvious; update: sadly, Jigsaw Health no longer offer these bars), and since then I ordered a few boxes and have taken delivery of them. I ordered enough at once to get the free shipping, and I figure they will last me a while and come in quite handy during the inevitable summer day-trips and visits with persons that may not have gluten-free foods handy. I'll be sure to take one with me when I know I'll be out for a long day where my GF food options are not assured (and, I'll probably sneak one now and then just for a snack, since they are quite tasty).

Jigsaw was nice enough to provide a Jigsaw Health coupon-code for $5.00 off any orders from first-time customers, so here it is: FRIEND806

I didn't see an expiration data on that offer, but it did say "limited time"... so, that that as you will.

When I placed the order on the phone, they did tell me they were considering making a third flavor - peanut butter - in the future. I am personally looking forward to that, since PB is on my top-ten food items list along with chocolate!

And, speaking of Peanut-Butter and Chocolate, I had the wonderful opportunity to help consume a double-batch of gluten-free peanut butter cookies (the ones on page 120-121 in our book) my wife baked up a few days ago (yep, all gone already! Thank god for calorie-burning summer lawn work and such!). My sister always requests these cookies every time she visits the area, and lucky for her my wife was nice enough to bake up a nice pile of them. I had planned to do so, but needless to say, even the best plans don't always get executed. Thank god my wife picked up where I slacked off (since I personally received half the benefit of the baking - an entire batch of gluten-free cookies to consume).

Did I mention how great gluten-free peanut-butter and chocolate chip cookies are for breakfast? A few of those each morning is a great way to get the day started... and then comes the afternoon snack... the evening snack...

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