Friday, March 16, 2007

Finally - Whole Foods in Cleveland!

I have anxiously been awaiting the arrival of Whole Foods Market in Cleveland, Ohio (Chagrin Location), ever since I was told they'd open a store hear nearly a year ago. The opening date kept getting pushed off, but now it has been finalized for next week! The new store is located in University Heights at Cedar and Warrensville Center Roads - basically just North of John Caroll University, and to the West of Beachwood Place Mall and Legacy Village.

Update: there are also these two more locations nowWhole Foods Market in Cleveland, Ohio (Cedar Center Location), and also Whole Foods Market in Cleveland, Ohio (Rocky Rivery Location), .

According to Whole Food's website, the official opening will be Wednesday, March 21st, 2007 at 10:00AM. Wouldn't you know, it is the one day I have a meeting scheduled all morning, so I can't be one of the first to attend - oh well, I guess I'll have to wait, perhaps until the following weekend.

Here are the full announcement details that'll give you an idea of what the store will offer:
Imagine produce so lush and colorful — any fresher and you would have to pick it yourself! Organic roses and fresh cut flowers. Fresh seafood delivered six days a week, shellfish, shrimp and fresh seafood soups. An old-style butcher shop with dry aged beef, 30 varieties of fresh sausage made on the premises and a large selection of entrees ready to pop in the oven or on the grill.
We offer over 300 cheeses, many organic, from producers all over the world. A self serve olive bar featuring over 20 varieties of olives, antipasta bar, coffee roaster and over 1800 wines! Breads from sandwich to crusty European style baked fresh in store, plus tortes, muffins, pies, cakes, cookies and other tempting delights!
Our team of chefs are busy making restaurant-quality take-out entrees and sides for quick and easy meals. Or try our 2 salad bars, hot bar, fresh, hot soups and sushi made right before your eyes. Stop by our 18 seat Tratorria featuring hot Italian entrees and hearth-baked pizza. Take items home or enjoy them in our 80 seat café.
Stroll down the grocery aisles to find natural and organic products from cereal to balsamic vinegar. Check out our 365 Everyday Value line for great items at great prices! Our bulk section features over 300 items including grains, spices and nuts and dried fruits. In our Whole Body department, treat yourself to all-natural skin care and body products for men, women, children and babies. Look for natural cosmetics and a large selection of supplements, herbs and vitamins.
In addition to all that, we will offer items that are locally grown and produced.
I certainly am looking forward to no longer needing to drive 2 hours to Columbus Ohio just to pick up some of my favorite gluten-free foods that Whole Foods sells. They carry a few gluten-free items that I have not located anywhere else, and have their 365 Everyday Value house brand that offers a few gluten-free items uniquely their own.

I still can't help wonder what Whole Foods plans to do with the Wild Oats store at Chagrin Blvd (since WF has purchased Wild Oats), but I have to believe they will rebrand it and give it some upgrades. I'm just not sure the existing Wild Oats location is big enough to fit their typical look/feel though. Time will tell.

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Sheri said...

Lucky you! The closest WF to me is nearly 40 minutes away. And that's taking expressways.

Dianne said...

I'm going to have to visit a Whoefood store one of these days! I've heard and read so much about them! I'll be the original person that went and did thier shopping by plane!

Mike Eberhart said...

You may soon be in luck. I saw this article about Whole Foods opening a store in London this June! You may soon be in luck.

sheri, I would have been happy with 40 minutes... since it was a couple hours before. But, I won't argue with having them closer :)