Saturday, June 01, 2013

Hail Merry Gluten-Free Miracle Tart Review : Fantastic! (and Costco has them)

Delicious Gluten-Free Vegan Chocolate Indulgence

Seriously Good Chocolate Mini-Tarts with Ingredients done Right!

We were out at Costco today and came across these fantastic little "Hail Merry" (brand) "Miracle Tart" Chocolate Minis, and I can tell you they are fantastic because within minutes of getting home, I had opened the package and sampled one.  They are simply superb!  At room temperature (served per suggestion), the centers are just buttery smooth and creamy, and there is a deep rich chocolate flavor with a hint of almond and coconut that comes through the chocolate. But, it is definitely chocolate and will satisfy a serious chocolate craving.

I admire the fact that the company has created these delicious tarts using ingredients that include just organic maple syrup, Fair Trade dark cocoa, natural raw almond flour, organic extra virgin coconut oil, and sea salt.  That's it.  Nothing else.  Thank you Hail Merry, since I constantly bypass similar dessert offerings by companies that add all sorts of preservatives, gums, and other junk I refuse to eat.  Hail Merry has done this right and with the right ingredients!

I added a few fresh raspberries to the equation (also from Costco today), and the combination was also excellent! (as pictured)

Also of note: a single tart has only 90 calories! (if you can limit your chocolate desires to one at a time)

Get them at Costco Wholesale in 2013

Hopefully Costco will continue to stock these. We discovered them today in the chilled foods aisles, and I was excited to see that not only are they a delicious chocolate gluten-free dessert, but thanks to Costco's bulk-buying and packaging, the price was reasonable enough to consider. I have seen these types of things at other stores (e.g., Whole Foods, etc.), but I refuse to pay $2.00 per tart and such!

Luckily, Costco made this delicious treat affordable with the price for a package of 12 gluten-free mini-tarts being $8.99 (or, 75 cents per tart!) Now that is more like it! Above this price, I will just make my own. I certainly appreciate being able to go to Costco and pickup a nice decadent chocolate treat instead of having to make it myself, so I sure hope they continue to carry these and keep the price reasonable enough that I don't simply walk past them.

Sadly, I took a look at the pricing on the Hail Merry website and about fell over.  They sell a 12-pack of larger (3 ounce) tarts (thus, 36 ounce total) for ... get ready... 100 DOLLARS (which does apparently include overnight shipping)!  But still,...OUCH!!!  That works out to the equivalent price of $2.77 per ounce (vs. 92-cents per ounce for these mini-tarts at Costco) : or, 3 TIMES THE PRICE TO PURCHASED DIRECT online vs buying at Costco.  So, please Costco, give this company a continued distribution channel that will make these gluten-free dessert treats an affordable luxury for the masses of gluten-free, wheat-free, vegan, and Celiac Disease crowd.  thank you!

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