Monday, January 10, 2011

Gluten-Free Chocolate Cheesecake for the New Year

One of my favorite simple recipes to start the New Year out with is a Gluten-Free Chocolate Cheesecake.  I love cheesecakes, and it always amazes me how most all commercial cheesecakes manage to include some type of wheat and gluten in them, even though from my experience I can create any cheesecake I want without gluten.  The only "flour" in this cheesecake is cocoa. It is too bad I can not simply go to the store, or a restaurant, and order a slice of cheesecake that is safe for Celiacs.  So, in the meantime I bake one of these cakes at least once per year to treat myself (and others) to a fantastic GF cheesecake - my gluten-free diet must contain cheesecake on occasion: that is non-negotiable.

This cake recipe is straight out of our Gluten-Free Desserts cookbook (page 30), and it yields a nice thick and rich and creamy dessert that can also be kept frozen if you want to save part of it for a later date (which I did, after I at nearly half of this beast myself over a week's time). This cake will serve a nice sized party, since it weighs nearly 5# (it fills a 10-inch round springform pan to the brim); 3.5 pounds of that weight is from the cheeses in this delicious treat!  I just cut the chilled cake into pieces, wrap those pieces in plastic wrap, place those into freezer baggies, and freeze them until I want to thaw and eat more (after my recent mass consumption spree, it may be June until I get a piece out again. lol)

The cake makes a perfect recipe even for inexperienced bakers, presuming you have a decent mixer that can handle the pile of cheeses and other ingredients (our Kitchenaid works just fine).  I create the crust and get that pre-baked while mixing the cheesecake filling.  Total prep-time is no more than 1/2hr, and then another 70minutes of baking time.   Cool the cake overnight, and it is ready for eating by you and/or anyone else you would like to share it with.

Couple this cake with your New Years exercise plan, and it will work out even better :)


Brian said...

so...what's the recipe?

beaglebea said...

Oh just made my day...2 of my favorite words put together (cheesecake and chocolate) and it's gluten-free to boot. I think i'm in heaven.

T.R. said...

Oh my gosh, this looks utterly amazing! I have to make this! I've been considering purchasing the book and this may be what provokes me to do so!

Lynn said...

What's not to like about cheesecake!

Mike Eberhart said...

The recipe is in my book, as I said in my blog. I have posted quite a few free recipes here and on our book website, but not this one -- it is only in our book (printed or kindle version). Regards, mike.

Angie Halten said...

I am normally not a cheesecake fan but add the word "chocolate" to the recipe and I have a whole new perspective. This looks fabulous. I'm going to give it a try for Valentines Day.