Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Black Raspberries in Season

Fresh black raspberries: awesome gluten-free treat!

I just started picking the ripening black raspberries a few days ago here at our home in Northeast Ohio, where we were lucky enough to have purchased a property that has these wild black raspberries plants growing nearly all around its perimeter.

After just 10 minutes of picking, I secured the first quart of these fresh black raspberries, which were quickly rinsed off, bagged, and put into the fridge for later. They did not last long though, as they make a wonderful gluten-free snack that is full of flavor, antioxidants, and fiber too. And, fresh = best.

The pace of the black raspberries ripening as they become fully in-season should increase now, and I am looking forward to a bountiful harvest. Last year, we were able to collect well over 6 quarts before the season ended, and they held up nicely in the fridge (and we froze some for later too).

The plants seem to spread like wildfire from birds redistributing seeds. This year there are new black raspberry bushes growing up around the deck outside our living room, and they were not there last year. And, there are bushes lining the edge of the nearby field. At this pace, there should gallons coming over the next few years. Excellent!

One thing I look forward too once enough berries have been collected is a favorite gluten-free dessert: black raspberry pie! mmmmmm! Counting down as the pie baking date approaches!


Ellen said...

They look wonderful. I'm hoping for some blueberries next season from the bushes I planted this year. (I'm in Stark County, btw.)

Mike Eberhart said...

My mother planted a couple blueberry bushes this year (over near Wooster, OH), and to my surprise, they already developed berries on the plants. So, I'm guessing you will have berries for sure next year. Thanks for commenting.

Gluten Free Cooking said...

I'm so jealous! Been looking at desserts tonight and everyone seems to have berries in season and is baking wonderful creations! Can't wait til summer hits - I've got a list of recipes I just can't wait til try out!


Geraldine said...

from what it looks like.. they look so delicious and very tempting to taste..

dining room table said...

I miss raspberries. I definitely would like to have some right now.