Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cultural Revolution Yogurt : Gluten-Free and Awesome!

UPDATE / F.Y.I: "Cultural Revolution" is now re-braned as "Kalona SuperNatural" from Kalona Organics (11/2010)

"Cultural Revolution" brand organic yogurt from Kalona Organics is my current favorite gluten-free yogurt for a variety of reasons, especially the fact that it is has a richness and natural creamy consistency that is outstanding, and this texture is complemented by really wonderful taste : all in a yogurt that is both Low Sugar and Low Carb (and low sodium too)! As I enjoy this yogurt for breakfast, lunch, or even dinner, I feel that the nutrition and beneficial live active cultures are contributing positively to my overall health without introducing unnecessary sugar and sodium.

A quick aside here: Cultural Revolution currently does not specifically label their yogurts gluten-free, so I contacted the company and they provided a statement from the creamery that produces the Cultural Revolution yogurt (Westby Cooperative Creamery, Westby, WI) which indicates the yogurts are definitely gluten-free (see image below). Another bit of good news is that they are currently working to update their labeling to clearly indicate which of their products are gluten-free.

Cultural Revolution Ingredients
(Complete 5% Vanilla Organic Yogurt)
This yogurt really reminds me of some great European yogurts I encountered while in the United Kingdom a couple years ago, with its thick cream-top and gently marbled texture. It is made with organic whole milk and includes the rich, creamy butterfat that naturally contains vitamins A&D too. The ingredients are simply: Organic Cultured Grade-A Milk, Organic Cream, Organic and Natural Vanilla Flavors (Organic Vanilla, Evaporated Organic Cane Juice, Pectin, and Organic Lemon Juice) -- and the Live Active Cultures that include s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus, bifidus, and l.bulgaris (bottom line: an array of "beneficial bacterium" / probiotics to help improve your GI health!)

Cultural Revolution Organic yogurt is available in six flavors in both 2 percent (low fat) and 5 percent. Six ounce flavors include blueberry, strawberry, raspberry, peach, vanilla, and plain. Vanilla and plain also are available in 24 oz sizes. Cultural Revolution is the newest product from Kalona Organics. This true, European-style, organic yogurt uses only the freshest, most natural ingredients, and—here’s the revolutionary part—it delivers naturally sweet, creamy taste without all the sugar, carbs, calories and sodium contained in most other yogurts. In fact, Cultural Revolution has as much as 1/3 less sugar than other yogurts.

Yogurt Comparison:
Cascade Fresh vs. Cultural Revolution

Before encountering the Cultural Revolution brand yogurt, I was consuming Cascade Fresh (Feb-2017: now "Cascade Culture") Fat-Free Vanilla Gluten-Free Yogurt, which was pretty decent yogurt, though I found the sugar/carb content a bit higher than I would have liked. Cascade Fresh is not organic, but is simply labeled "all natural". Cascade has a simple ingredient-list and is full of those probiotics too: Grade A Nonfat Milk (with active cultures s.thermophilus, l.acidophilus, b.bifidum, l. casei, b. longum, b.infantis, and l.bulgaris), Fruit Juice Concentrate, Pectin, Natural Vanilla Flavor. Cascade Fresh actually have a wider-variety of probiotic strains, though I do not know what the difference for your GI tract will be with either brand.

Perhaps it is not a fair comparison from a taste-and-texture standpoint since I am comparing a full-fat yogurt from Cultural Revolution to a fat-free variety from Cascade Fresh, but they just happen to both be yogurts I have consumed and enjoy. For me, the Cultural Revolution Vanilla Organic Yogurt is a hands-down winner over Cascade Fresh Fat Free Vanilla Yogurt, but I cannot always locate the brand at stores near me. In fact, this seems a problem in general with non-mainstream brands... I cannot always locate Cascade Fresh either. But, when I can find it, I will definitely be consuming the Cultural Revolution brand for reasons stated herein.

Nutrition / Statistics
One of my biggest complaints with many (especially "big name" brand) yogurts on the market is the over abundance of added sugars. And the type of sugar is equally important: I absolutely refuse to consume any yogurt that contains high-fructose corn syrup : an ingredient that is blood-sugar unfriendly (to say the least) and absolutely unnecessary. Also, a yogurt MUST have live active cultures in it for me to consider it - otherwise I might as well be eating pudding. Both brands I compared meet my criteria for active cultures and no high-fructose corn syrup, and also has Cultural Revolution presenting with substantially lower sugar levels.

When performing my comparison, I normalized the nutritional-information for the two brands to a 6-ounce serving-size, since Cascade Fresh considers their serving size to be an 8-ounce serving while Cultural Revolution considered their serving size to be 6-ounces.

Cultural Revolution Vanilla 5% ButterfatCascade Fresh Vanilla
Fat (g):80
Total Carbs (g)
Sugars (g):1016.5
Protein (g)
Vitamin-A (%):80
Iron (%)
Calcium (%):2226
Potassium (mg)
not indicated
My Subjective Rating of Taste/Texture
(1-10 Scale : 10 being highest)

I have made this Cultural Revolution Gluten-Free yogurt an integral part of my gluten-free diet lately, as I find it not just pleasing to taste and consume, but it also seems to satisfy me for a nice long period of time after I eat it, and preventing me from feeling hungry and snacking when I should not. These are not just "empty" calories from my experience, but are rather a nice balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. And, the fact that it really tastes great just furthers my reasons for eating it regularly. I highly recommend the product, and hope you have a chance to try it yourself and enjoy it.

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Peter said...

It's totally unfair to compare a no-fat to a 5% fat yogurt. With all that fat, it is naturally creamy and you can reduce the sugars quite a bit and still be delicious.

BTW - I make my own greek-style yogurt using 2% or full-fat milk. I make my own mostly to ensure high probiotics levels - I know it is fresh and I let it culture for 12 hours, which maximizes the levels. Easier than pie to make.

It's very creamy and flavorful. Unsweetened and without any flavors in it, it taste like mild sour cream.

I put it on fruit with just a sprinkle of sweetener and it is absolutely delicious.

Mike Eberhart said...

As I said in my own comparison text, having recognized and acknowledged the "unfairness" of trying to compare fat-free to full-fat: "Perhaps it is not a fair comparison from a taste-and-texture standpoint..."

I was keenly aware of the differences. But, I do also differ a bit with you in your assessment about "with all that fat, you can reduce the sugars..."; yes, you *can* get away with less sugar, but the fact is, most full-fat yogurts on the market do not do so even if they "can", which is why I made it a point to emphasize that Cultural Revolution really did the right thing and cut back on sugars. We have to give them credit for that.

I applaud your homemade yogurt efforts. My wife and I have also made our own on occasion and find it quite enjoyable too. And, with added fruit and a bit of agave syrup (our sweetener of choice lately), it is as you say: delicious.

Thanks for the input Peter. m

Gratefully Gluten Free said...

I use agave to sweeten my yogurt but have just began using coconut nectar. It is heaven, low on the glycemic index and very good for you! Just wanted to share! :)

The Celiac Diva said...

Thanks for sharing that! Great info!