Sunday, February 01, 2009

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Recipe: Banana-Walnut Waffles

I always have enjoyed homemade waffles, even before Celiac Disease hit. But, for whatever reason, after going gluten-free I enjoy waffles more than ever — perhaps just because they are one of those comfort foods that can be baked gluten-free and taste just like the "real" thing, with very similar texture and taste.

I have posted a few Gluten-Free waffle variations over on our free recipes library before, but I think this is the first dairy-free one I have posted. My wife came up with this latest variation when working on a few dairy-free formulas (she has others - a chocolate chocolate-chip one I really like too!). But, for today, the recipe is a banana walnut variation:

Gluten-Free Dairy-Free Banana Walnut Waffles Recipe (link to recipe)

Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Waffles
Gluten-Free Banana Walnut Waffles

Now, I must admit, for full-disclosure purposes, I consumed all of the waffles before realizing I had not taken a picture of them this time! So, I borrowed this picture (above) from the buttermilk/flax waffles recipe (also in our gluten-free recipes library), since they look the same essentially. All the more reason the chocolate-chocolate-chip version is not here today either... forgot to take pictures!

These waffles use a few gluten-free grains in the ingredient list, to make them a bit more healthy (fiber / proteins / even some Omega-3's) with Buckwheat Flour, Teff Flour, and Flaxseed Meal. And, in place of the typical dairy ingredients, my wife has chosen to use Silken Tofu, which also adds a nice bit of soy protein while providing much of the texture-enhancement that dairy would otherwise add.

The result is a wonderfully light and fluffy waffle equal to any real ones — banana/nut too! Mild flavored and light bodied (wow, sounds like I am describing a beer or wine), they are delicious, and have that wonderful flavor combination of bananas and walnuts! Sure to be a hit with children as well as adults. You will need a waffle maker to make these, but it is worth the investment and you will be happy you bought one if you do not already own one (especially if you crave gluten-free waffles all the time like I do).

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Maureen "Hold The Gluten" said...

My waffle maker is one of my favorite gluten free baking "tools'. There are so many varieties you can make. Love the idea of Banana Walnut -- these sound fantastic!

WaterBased said...

I saw that you use Glutinous Rice Flour to make the waffle. I am new to this. Is Glutinous Rice Flour under gluten free?

Mike Eberhart said...

Glutinous Rice Flour is the same thing as "Sweet Rice Flour", and is absolutely gluten-free. I dislike the name of that flour, because it *Sounds* like it has gluten, though it has none. You will see the term used interchangeably with Sweet Rice flour, so now you know :)

enjoy the waffles! m