Friday, August 25, 2006

Enzyme that can break down Gluten proteins...

I originally posted the full story over on my other blog: Celiac Gluten-breakdown Enzyme news.

In short, the news was about how in a laboratory setting, scientists have developed an Enzyme that is effective at breaking down Gluten even in a highly acidic environment (read: your stomach perhaps).

They have work to do to perfect it and produce a pill (or food additive) for celiacs to process gluten as they eat, but they are working on it. Clinical-Trials are coming soon, which could be good news, though I can not say I want to volunteer for that :)

From what I understand and have heard, what makes this different from a few existing enzymes that can supposedly break down gluten and make it safe for celiacs, is that this one is actually effective in the stomach (yeah, that is a requirement to ever be effective). There are things like gluten-ease (something like that -- I have no experience with it) that people say may help lessen the impact of gluten-containing foods if you are accidentally exposed, but this news deals with an enzyme that will truly be effective at breaking gluten down completely. I'll be watching for updates to this story.


James said...


I know this is 6 years later but is there any update on this?

I have been unable to find anything our



Mike Eberhart said...

I too have not heard anything. So, I just went looking. The compound being studied was Prolyl endopeptidase (PREP) or prolyl oligopeptidase, so I went searching to see if anything new was available.

I came across this clinical trial Effect of AN-PEP Enzyme on Gluten Digestion that is relatively new, but not yet even open for enrollment though it was recorded on 2011-Apr-12.

Suffice it to say, the progress (if there is any) is apparently moving at a snail pace. I for one have never counted on it becoming a "solution", as I have fully embraced my gluten-free diet. Yes, it would sure be nice to be able to "treat" Celiac Disease, but I am not holding my breath. I sure hope someone finds a real way to cure the condition (without side-effects!), but until then, I have become very much accustomed to my GF diet.

I'd suggest watching that clinical trial page and/or searching the web for related news every so often. If you locate anything newer, please post the info here. thanks. m

Anonymous said...

Mike - good research. I would like such a product for accidental exposure or when you may suspect it, though I have embraced a gluten free diet too.