Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Almond Paste in Baking GlutenFree Recipes

I have had a few people ask me about Almond Paste as an ingredient in various Gluten-Free recipes. We use it in a fair number of recipes, as it adds a nice flavor to certain desserts and breads. To being with, Almond Paste is not to be confused with Almond Butter. Almond Paste is a combination of Almonds, Sugar, and water basically - it is a very thick paste. We use a canned variety of pure Almond Paste from a company called Solo for our GF recipe baking.

I contacted Solo Foods today, verified the gluten-free status of their "pure Almond Paste" product (which I was told is glutenfree, has been for quite some time, and although their company produces other products that are not GF, that they have not had any issues with cross-contamination). I also inquired about the ability to purchase direct from them, which you can since they are one of the few manufacturers that will sell directly to the consumer as a benefit to persons that can not locate the product close to them. Moreover, if you call their customer service number (800-328-7656) you can order a 6-pack of 8-ounce cans on the phone with your Visa, and with shipping included in the price, it is only $22.50! (trust me, at $3.75/can, this is much cheaper than we were buying from our local Tops store before - they were over $5/can there), and direct to your door!

I may begin stocking a dozen or more cans at a time for friends and family that need a quick source for Almond Paste when they are doing their glutenless recipe baking, especially if they do not want to order 6 cans at a time. I have to believe this stuff will last "forever" (years?) in the unopened cans. We use a can per month or more, but then again we do a lot of baking.

I plan to put a link on our cookbook site to this article and to the Solo Foods site. Maybe, if there is enough demand, I'll allow people to purchase a can of Almond Paste along with a book just to get them started. I know we use it in our wonderful Pecan Pie / Tart, and a few other tasty gluten free dessert recipes. It really adds a nice flavor.


Lynn Barry said...

I have to ask...with all the baking to guys do, (clearing my throat) how do you not eat it all? Oh, that's right, you feed it to the wildlife. I will have to give the almond paste a try. Thanks.

Mike Eberhart said...

I found this recipe for how to make your own almond-paste too.

Chris Galli said...

I just wanted to let anyone know who's interested in purchasing the SOLO almond paste that I spoke with the company today and the current price for the 6 pack of cans has gone up to $30.

I am always interested in buying this item wholesale since I have an online bakery, where I use this product often for gluten free bakery items. If anyone knows a less expensive way of obtaining this product, I'd be happy to know how. Thanks!

Mary Kretzmann said...

great blog!
try for the solo almond paste: