Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gluten-Free Buttermilk Millet Flax Waffles

Here is a recipe to start off any day in a great way -- Glutenfree Buttermilk waffles recipe, for waffles that are light and fluffy, have a mild flavor, and are simply delicious! I just top mine with a bit of pure Maple Syrup end enjoy eating waffles as good as any "regular" ones.

You will need a waffle maker for these, which thankfully I received for Christmas this year (a dedicated gluten-free one, only to be used with Celiac-safe recipes!). It's probably no coincidence that my wife created this new recipe about the same time she presented me with the waffle maker as a gift :) This new waffle maker is the only one we own, and it will not be a problem keeping the wheat-eaters happy, since these new GF waffles are just as good as any alternative (the only thing better may be the gluten-free blueberry buckwheat waffles my wife also gave me for Christmas - a recipe I will soon post)!

Hope you enjoy the recipe and the blog. Happy baking!

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