Friday, October 13, 2006

Doctor Visit Day

Luckily it has been a while since I felt the need to visit my doctor. Perhaps typical of most males, I do not really like to go unless I feel there is a real need. So, I tend to put it off as long as possible. After a month of on and off GI pain, that seems to just come back every time I think it is finally gone (for a day or two), I figured I would go seek advice. I have hardly had any need to see any doctors since going gluten free - guess that is a plus!

The rather ironic thing about seeing my doctor is that I scheduled an appointment for today (Friday) on Wednesday this week. I have not seen my doctor in well over a year. And, yesterday (Thursday) evening, I went to a table-tennis clinic in the evening, where I ran into my doctor the night before my scheduled appointment. Weird coincidence!

I got paired up to practice serves and returns with him for part of the evening... the whole time, I thought it was him but wasn't sure until we took a break mid-way through the evening and I asked. If he was at the doctor's office, I would have immediately been sure it was him, but out of context like that, and having not seen him for so long, I just had to ask to confirm I wasn't playing table tennis with his twin. We had time to chat a bit (about non-medical stuff) during the evening. Maybe he'll be a better listener than normal now, having had some out-of-office time to get familiar with each other. At this morning's appointment, we did seem to have a much better interaction than normal, since we were both very relaxed and had something more in common than just a doctor-patient relationship. And, we both had a minor case of tennis-elbow going from the crazy swings the instructor had us doing. I still can not always understand my doctor very well through his rather heavy Indian accent, but I am getting better at it, and more time interacting can certainly help.

So, the outcome of today's doctor visit was basically that he ordered a battery of blood-tests and such (which I had wanted) since it was over a year since I last had my Iron tested, a CBC done, and so forth. Always a good thing to have a regular (yearly or less) picture of where your body's chemistry is at -- gives you a basis for how things are overall. My blood-pressure was good: 110/60. My temperature, etc. was normal. No immediate "red flags" in his opinion. So, the doc wants me to take Prilosec for a week and see if that corrects the abdominal pains. I need to do a mini-fasting tonight to have bloodwork done tomorrow (for the Cholesterol portion of test I think), but other than that, no bother (aside from needle tomorrow - which is tolerable usually).

I sure hope the Prilosec, taken on a temporary basis, gets my system back in order. I surely do not want to have to be "scoped" or something else equally invasive. So, I wish for the best, as I'm sick of this on and off abdominal discomfort (stabbing pain on occasion, feelings of nausea other times), and don't like not being 100%. But, who does like not being in perfect health?!


Lynn Barry said...

I am glad you got to the Dr. I think that is for acid reflux, which I have too. I take Protonix.I think it helps. I don't know. Any way, good luck!

Mike Eberhart said...

Actually, I was reading the package for that Prilosec. It says "Treats frequent Heartburn", with frequent bolded like that. Thing is, I really have not had any heartburn per se. So, I have reconsidered taking this stuff. I think I'd be better off just altering my diet to avoid heartburn then take it. Who knows. Either way, I don't get the connection between abdominal pain and heartburn medicine.