Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Gluten-Free Christmas Recipes and Wishes

I hope the Christmas holiday season brings you joy and comes with some great gluten-free snacks, main courses, and desserts! I always enjoy the holidays from a food perspective, as we tend to create new gluten-free recipes and/or put a few tried and true ones to use as we prepare baked items for our own household and for friends and family we visit during the season.

I have been considering baking up one of these Citrus-Accent Gluten-Free Panettone Breads (recipe link) that we created last year - or was it the year before? I have not had one any more recent than Christmas last year, and I keep seeing those gluten-filled commercial boxed pre-baked Panettone breads in what seems like all the store windows I go past when out shopping lately... leading to a massive craving for a sweet holiday bread! :)

I also want to experiment with some slight alterations to that recipe and perhaps even try substituting some Tofu and/or whey protein and chia seed for the cream cheese and butter it currently employs. But, then again, the butter does lend flavor... perhaps it will need to stay!

I already have a gluten-free chocolate cheesecake ready for consumption, which is a definite "win" for the holidays already. And here, as I ramble about all the gluten-free desserts I plan to consume, my wife is working on preparing a homemade gluten-free ham glaze and some homemade potato salad to take to one relative's house. I guess I need to stop typing and get baking :)

I hope everyone has a wonderfully enjoyable Christmas and holiday season!

In addition, I sure hope you are able to enjoy the holidays completely, and that you have not experienced any overwhelming difficulties or hardships resulting from the current economic situation in the World. I simply try to look past the negative daily news in hopes for a better 2009 and beyond, and a return to more widespread optimism and normalcy on many fronts. There are bound to be challenges ahead, and I figure I will be better prepared to face them when I am in a positive mood from enjoying a week of eating delicious gluten-free holiday treats (surely can not hurt!). Happy Holidays!


Athy said...

Oh goodness! This looks fabulous!! Love the recipes you put up on your blog!

Jared said...

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Deborah said...

I'm glad I found you! My husband was just diagnosed with arthritis and we're considering gluten free options. I'm curious, though: if we're gluten-free, and then have a piece of cake at a birthday party, is there a huge and ugly backlash? Most of the information I have found relates to Celiac disease. I'm okay with making changes at home, but we have small children and an active life outside. I'd hate to start something that will be problematic if it's not followed 100%. Thsnk you!

Jan Van Dvivenvoorde said...

Change always comes bearing gifts. ~Price Pritchett

Burn Belly Fat said...

Oh Boy!

That one looks so yummy!

It makes my tummy hungry!

Thanks for sharing!