Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Gluten-Free Sale : Scratch-n-Dent Cookbook Super Discount

If you have wanted my Gluten-Free & Wheat-Free Gourmet Desserts recipe book for gluten-free and Celiac-safe-diet dessert recipes, and were hoping for a chance to get a copy at a serious discount, now is your chance.

Since I self-published this gluten-free recipes book, and since
I personally box and ship every book sold, I am able to make sure each and every cookbook I ship is in perfect condition when it leaves my location. When I encounter any books that have imperfections like a bent-corner, scratched cover, or bent-spine from where the original shipping-pallet banding-straps went around cartons of books too tightly, I have put them aside. I have finally accumulated enough of these slightly damaged books over the past year to make it worth promoting them with a mega-discount sale program.

The Scratch and Dent Sale Details
These books are otherwise new, and have not been handled by others, but have imperfections caused during packing by, and shipping from, the printing company to me. The worst of the "dents" any books have are spines that are bent slightly from the pallet-band-straps being too tight and putting too much pressure on a box of books, bending the spine on the topmost book. And, I am not selling anything even close to being "destroyed", but the books don't meet my normal criteria for perfect condition.

OK, so you probably just want to know how big of discount there will be for some imperfections, right? How's this sound:
66% OFF - which is $20.00 OFF a book
, bringing the Gluten-Free dessert recipes book price down to just $9.95 (plus Shipping & Handling, which is $4.50 here in the USA, and just covers the USPS postage).

To get the discount, use the COUPON-CODE: SCRATCHDENT
on this web-page: http://www.gluten-free-desserts.com/purchase.aspx

  • First-come-first-serve basis, with quantities limited.
  • Limit of one discounted book per order, so as to give as many people as possible a chance to obtain the book at a very low price.
  • If you try to use the coupon-code and you are informed that "SORRY, INVALID COUPON CODE PROVIDED", that indicates that no more scratch-and-dent books are currently available (though, try back in the future, since there will likely find more while unpacking more cartons).
  • I am not offering a money-back guarantee on these, since they are being marked down substantially, and below my cost. But, I am confident that you will find them worth the price. You may even find yourself looking for the "damage" that made me put them aside. Post a comment here with your experience after buying one if you want, as I'm sure you'll find them worth the investment and that the discount is perhaps even more than merited for the level of imperfections.
I hope that by offering this discount program, I am able to help anyone that wanted my book but found their budgets otherwise pinched by inflation lately, with high food and gas prices competing for your hard earned cash. I personally save a LOT of money by baking nearly all items in my gluten-free diet (MUCH cheaper than buying pre-made gluten-free foods if you have time to bake). Actually, I better reword that statement a bit: my WIFE bakes most all the gluten-free foods I eat :)

Have a great Gluten-Free Year! I am personally hoping to enjoy some of these great Gluten-Free Desserts (cakes, pies, cookies, etc.) as often as I can throughout 2008 and beyond. It does not take much to dream up a good excuse for baking some delicious treats - be it holidays, birthdays, or any other event!


Ross said...


I'm writing from Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza headquartered near Seattle.

We're rolling out our gluten-free pizza tomorrow, Tuesday, May 27 at all of our Portland/Vancouver, WA stores.

There'll be a special tasting at our Cedar Hills store tomorrow from 2:30 - 4:00 pm. The store is located at 12480 SW Walker Road Beaverton OR 97005. The phone number is 503-645-3400.

Please come by and try our new gluten-free pizza!

Ross Marzolf
Director of Local Marketing
Garlic Jim's Famous Gourmet Pizza
206.399.1785 - cell

Mike Eberhart said...

I don't usually let "marketing link" comments through on my blog unless they are relevant. And, though not relevant to my posting, I figured there may be some people that can find your lovely pizzas tomorrow! Good luck with the gluten-free launch! M

gaile said...

Ooo, well Ross' comment is perfect timing as we just found out we're moving to portland this summer. I wanted to pop in and say thanks for the fast shipping on the cookbook, we looked through it last night and cannot WAIT to start baking! the recipes are beyond accessible, and the photos are positively mouthwatering! Thank you again!!