Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Gluten-Free Blogging Backlog

I had the lovely misfortune of a computer failure that has kept me offline for a while - and my Gluten-Free Blog posting frequency shows it. But, my computer is now sporting a new graphics card, motherboard, and power-supply, and I am back in business. I'm glad it was at least under warranty, though I would have preferred a bit quicker service.

Coupled with the distraction from the beautiful Spring weather, and the construction of our new super gluten-free vegetable garden (deer-proof too I hope!), I have developed quite a backlog of gluten-free recipes and other articles I need to write and post here. I hope all my readers are having a nice Spring thus far, and perhaps getting their gardens ready as well. I don't know about you, but with the price of vegetables at the store, both my wallet and my gluten-free diet can benefit from raising some homegrown crops - tomatoes, cucumbers, lettuce, squash, beans, peas, and much more!

I will post a picture or two of the garden when it is done, which is nearly the case. The main defining feature is the nearly 8-foot high fence around it that is needed to keep the white-tailed deer from getting in and consuming all the plants. In addition, we've implemented a no-till organic garden solution that I am really looking forward to seeing how productive this method will be.

Oh, another thing that may be of interest to some people: I am planning a "scratch and dent" sale on some of my gluten-free dessert books, since I have accumulated a few that have slight imperfections - like a scratch on the cover, a bent corner, or so forth. I only have a few of these that are otherwise new, but just not perfect as I like them to be when I ship them out to people. So, if interested, stay tuned, and I will post a coupon-code for a serious discount on them - first come, first served basis. I may limit to one per person, though not sure about that yet. Either way, it'll be a great way to get the book for a huge discount.


gailclute said...

I cook gluten free for my husband. Let me know when the cookbooks go for sale. www.goodglutenfreefood.blogspot.com

Lynn Barry said...

Eight foot fence? that is a serious fence. We are putting in a garden this year and never thought about the deer we enjoy watching in our yard messing with it...thanks and good luck!

Mike Eberhart said...

Good luck with your garden! I presume you have ample white-tailed deer populations there in New York State, and if they are equally enamored with gardens, be prepared to build a fence or watch your veggies eaten :)

We last year had a 4-foot fence around one flower garden... then a 5 foot... and still, we could watch the deer jump as easily as we'd jump a 1-foot fence. So, we read various articles saying 8 to 10 foot height was only thing that would stop them. Seems ridiculous, but it has worked for our neighbor (their fence is 8 feet or so high around their garden, and no deer problems).

I'll be posting a more official announcement of gluten-free book sale / coupon-code for the scratch and dent ones soon. I just need to get around to it. I'm also trying to figure out exactly where to set the price, which I expect will be quite low when I finalize it. Soon. Stay tuned :)