Tuesday, January 01, 2008

2008 Gluten-Free Resolutions

It seems that New Year's Resolutions are a must, and as such I just have to quickly enumerate my 2008 Gluten-Free Resolutions.

I hereby resolve to:
  1. Eat more gluten-free cheesecakes, starting with the wonderful chocolate cheesecake my wife baked me for New Years! :)
  2. Make that cheesecake last more than a week! (I am freezing portions for later, just to make sure I meet this goal)
  3. Continue my exercise program - a must-do item if I also continue mass consumption of gluten-free desserts! I will average no less than 300 calories/day burnt on the exercise bike or rowing machine - preferably more.
  4. Publish more gluten-free recipes here on my blog and on my book site.
  5. Complete more gluten-free blog entries! I have a LOT of topics for Celiac and Gluten-Free diets to cover yet, and have made lists of things to write about -- I just need to do it now.
  6. Finish the gluten-free biscotti and scones book (or some derivation thereof) and make it available as a free PDF for everyone.
  7. Continue trying new gluten-free foods and baking ingredients and expand my diet possibilities
  8. remember all my other goals and priorities that I can not quickly recall here today!
Happy New Year everyone! May you have a great 2008, and enjoy a wonderful gluten-free year.


Lynn Barry said...


Lucy said...

Hey, looking forward to a free PDF of your biscotti and scones recipes ... (And love the idea that your resolutions might include eating more cheesecake - quite the reverse of the usual style of resolution!)

Sea said...

Happy New Year to you, too!


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this blog. I am gluten-free and I love seeing your ideas, thoughts, recipes, etc. Thanks for making my transition into this lifestyle easier! I think I love you! haha

Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks everyone - and Happy New Years back to you. I just hope to keep on providing great gluten-free and Celiac Disease oriented content in 2008.

Speaking of, I'm due to post some new gluten-free info as soon as I make time. 2008 thus far is much too busy! I need a clone to do my blog postings! :)

Anonymous said...

question about the pancake recipe- where do you buy inulin and what type of whey protein is gluten free?


the recipe looks great- thank you. O hope my kids will like it as i am tryign to make more nutrional GF items for them.

I havent gotten to read much of your blog yet but I plan on it- Thanks!

Mike Eberhart said...

I use the NOW brand whey protein isolate. I blogged about it here earlier:

Also, there is a certified GF brand of whey (but it has other things in it too) at Whole Foods I have found and used: Biochem brand called "Raw Foods and Whey", and I *think* they sell a plain whey too.