Friday, November 23, 2007

Black Friday: Gluten-Free Cookbook Sale

I know everyone is looking for bargains today. It's all you see on TV - the super Black Friday door buster early-bird sales, etc.

So, I decided, why not partake in Black Friday with my own "super-sale", where I will offer the lowest price ever on my Gluten-Free Desserts Book, but only for a brief period of time? Today will be my first ever Gluten-Free Recipes Book Black Friday Sale, though I may also offer a Gluten-Free Cyber Monday Sale with the same deal depending on the response. The discount will show automatically when people click the "Order this Selection" button on my web-site's purchase page.

Much like other retailers, I'll be selling at a price that is definitely going to put a crunch on margins, but I'm going to hold out hope that people on a gluten-free diet (or those who know others on a GF diet) will take the opportunity to perhaps purchase my gluten-free recipes book (for this one-time, best price chance) to give as gifts to others with Celiac Disease that they know, and so forth.

Only one time prior to this have I even come close to the price I am now offering - and that was at an in-person Celiac Conference event in Long Island, New York, where I offered a steep discount to make up for the fact I had no provisions for accepting credit-cards at the event (luckily, I can now accept all major payment types online!)

Now, it's time to join the shopping insanity and go to JCPenny. They have a couple items we have wanted to get for a while, and the price is now the lowest of the year. If it is too crazy at the store, I can always come home and shop around online for deals I guess.

Have a good weekend! I have a new recipe for Gluten-Free Pumpkin Creme Brulee coming soon - I should get it posted after I'm done hitting the store(s) today.

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