Friday, August 31, 2007

Gluten-Free Labor Day

I'm looking forward to a beautiful gluten-free Labor Day weekend here in Cleveland, as the weather forecast is absolutely perfect! We're having nighttime lows in the 50's and daytime highs in the mid-upper 70's with low humidity -- my idea of spectacular weather.

The Cleveland National Air Show has its usual Labor Day schedule, and perhaps I'll drive downtown to check out some of the events. Usually we'll see a few of the jets flying overhead at our house 15 miles out of downtown as they go in and out of the region during the various events.

We're also thinking about making a trek to the Amish region for fresh vegetables, fruits, and locally produced cheese (like smoked hot-pepper cheese, Bermuda Onion cheese, Swiss cheese, and a few other favorites). This is something we tend to do a few times during late-summer and early fall as all the produce comes into season. I love fresh vegetables and fruit, not only because they are Celiac safe and gluten-free, and not just because they are healthy and good for you, but because the simply taste so wonderful and make for some awesome meal creations. It's really tough to beat straight from the field produce when you can get it.

I must admit, I also like fruits and vegetables that are non-native too, as you'll see in my weekend fruit and veggie selection above. I have everything ready for homemade salsa tomatoes from the garden, plus some tomatillos, onions, peppers, and avocado. And, there's a nice mix of fruits for snacking on this Labor Day weekend too (that's my gluten-free dessert for the weekend - a healthy one this time, and a break from the gluten-free cakes we tend to bake during holidays). Chances are, as we see family this weekend too, the bounty pictured above won't last long. All the more reason to take that trip and get some additional produce for the next week or two - like fresh Sweet Corn, Cucumbers, Cantaloupe, Squash, Honeydew, and perhaps Watermelon (we've had some really good ones this year).

I hope everyone has a great gluten-free Labor Day. I doubt I'll post any more to the Gluten-Free Blog until Tuesday - I personally plan to relax and enjoy the wonderful weather and days off! :)


Lynn Barry said...

Sounds like a healthful weekend of good eats. ENJOY! HUGS

Sharon said...

I'm going to be visiting the Cleveland area in a few weeks -- any suggestions on GF restaurants?

Slacker Mom (aka Mrs. GF) said...

Have a great labor Day too!!

Mike Eberhart said...

I guess it depends what type of food you like. If you don't mind large chains, there's PF Changs (Chinese) that has a nice Gluten-free menu. Surely Outback Steakhouse has a decent GF menu too. I guess it also depends where in the Cleveland area you'll be staying - it's a large city, and a good hour drive from the far West side to the far East side.