Saturday, May 12, 2007

Stamp out Hunger Day - today!

I wan't quite sure if this was a National event or not, but our postal carriers handed out this "Stamp out Hunger - Food Drive" notice for today: Saturday, May 12th, 2007. I just got the card in the mail yesterday, otherwise I would have posted this blog sooner.

It works like this: you place non-perishable food items (especially canned items, cereal, pasta, and rice) out in bag(s) by the mailbox and the postal / letter carriers pick up the donations, take them to the Post Office, and then have them delivered to local food banks or pantries to help families in need in the community.

So, I rounded up a couple bags of items, and sure hope that whoever receives the donations will appreciate the gluten-free items I included (needless to say, a LOT of items I had laying around in the house are gluten-free). I have included some Enjoy-Life granola and coco-loco bars, some Amaranth-O's, and a couple other items that were certainly marketed to Celiac / GF people but can be consumed by anyone. I know I sure like these product, and I hope others will too.

We also included usual canned vegetables and such (things that are not just marketed to "gluten free" consumers), though most of these items were thing I could have consumed anyway if I wanted, since they didn't have any ingredients I avoid. Those items will at least be "normal" for most people that do the food donation sorting or distributing.

If it's not too late, and your mail carriers are involved in this today, consider putting out some foods to share with those less fortunate. I actually always wonder how anyone that is forced to rely on donations to eat would ever have a chance of maintaining a gluten-free diet if they were on one -- it'd be nearly impossible, just because of the cost of such certified GF items. More so, any donated GF items would probably all just get handed out to anyone and not necessarily "prioritized" for recipients with Celiac Disease, unless of course the donation-handlers are familiar with 1) those with special dietary needs, and 2) what foods are "safe" for them. I just hope if there is anyone that needs gluten-free donations, that mine somehow make it to them. If not, worst case is that someone who is hungry and in need of food will have something they otherwise would not.


Dianne said...

This is a brilliant idea Mike ... guess my mailman though wouldnt pick up the items


Mike Eberhart said...

Yeah, I don't think it's a UK thing. But, it does seem to be a USA-wide food-drive.

They have a website setup that talks about the event here:
Help Stamp Out Hunger

Lynn Barry said...

The scouts pick up the donations around here. Good thought, Mike about people relying on donations having a tough time with gluten free lifestyle. HUGS