Sunday, May 13, 2007

Gluten Free on Mother's Day

Today was Mother's Day, and it just so happened it turned out to be a gluten-free Mother's Day at that. Holidays like this make for interesting choices, like which household to visit, and if the visit is to include a meal event, how to make sure that I can actually eat at the gathering.

Well, Mother's Day this year was a simple one. Since gas prices are sky high, we decided to stay in the area and simply have my wife's mother over for lunch (she lives just a few miles away). And, having people over makes it easier for me to know that what will be served for lunch will be gluten-free and "safe", it does mean that my wife has to do all the baking. But, she didn't seem to mind doing so, especially since the guest of honor today was her mom.

And, holidays (in general) are always a welcome occasion for me, since they tend to inspire my wife to bake up some wonderful dishes, and some gluten-free treats / desserts to go with the main course. Today was no different. The menu included stuffed red and yellow peppers (the large ripe sweet peppers) - stuffed with a variation of her Garlic, Pepper, and Herb Quinoa Recipe. They were excellent, and a hit with everyone! Next came a pan-fried, thin-sliced boneless chicken-breast that was breaded with some (I know not the full details) gluten-free breading / coating - also excellent. And, finally for dessert, one of my favorites, these gluten-free lemon bars (picture on second page of that PDF) - wonderfully tangy lemon, balanced with a pastry crust and just a bit of glazing . Most welcome by me, and another complete success.

Sure, it was "Mother's Day", but I was sure feeling like it was "my day" too with all that wonderful gluten-free baking :)

If that wasn't enough, we also had a beautiful sunny day, with temperatures in the mid 60's. This made for the perfect opportunity to get everyone outside to tour my wife and daughter's various flower gardens (which I must say, are looking really nice now that warm weather has finally set in). This all added up to a relaxing day of food, sun, and fun.

I called my mother to tell her we'd TRY to save some of the lemon-bars for when she and my father were in the area in a couple days, but I just don't know if there will be any left (I have a rather pervasive weakness for those things!). I will try to resist eating them all though, otherwise I'll have to bake up something else as a belated Mother's Day surprise. Actually, it seems that baking may be in my near future regardless. My sister from out of town is here on vacation next week, and she tends to beg me for gluten-free peanut butter cookies -- perhaps I'll just make a double (or triple) batch and hand them out to everyone (as I recall, mother likes them too).

Hope everyone had a great Mother's Day (especially all the Mothers out there!)


Dianne said...

Shall I email you my postal address. I love cookies and think I should go on the mailing list when you do the cookie despatch!


Lynn Barry said...

Sopunds like a fantastic time where the lover of the mothers did not feel sick because all the food was safe...YEAH!!! Mothers and others Day!Love anything lemony!

GlutenFreeMappyB said...

I love lemon bars and made some GF ones, but the bottom crust turned out SO incredibly hard. I'll have to try your recipe. I think mine was from a gf cookbook.

Mike Eberhart said...

I guarantee the ones from our book are wonderful, and certainly not hard. And, they are rather easy to make. My wife just made another batch of them this morning for my mother is visiting today - and, she had time to do so before going to work. They are also quite tasty, like all the prior batches I have sampled. mmmmm.

ana montero said...

Happy Mother´s Day. And I celebrate too the Happy Mother-In-Law´Day. He,he

Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks Ana. And, happy Mother's Day to you!