Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gluten has never been so popular!

Wouldn't you know... I build a gluten-free and celiac disease news and blog posting aggregator  that keys in on news about celiac disease, "gluten", and so on, and suddenly the Internet is completely swamped with news and blog entries about the gluten in pet-food being contaminated, when in general, most people have never ever heard of gluten before.

[UPDATE: 2013 - my aggregator service mentioned here is retired; I have a new replacement GF site in the works]

So, this sudden explosion of pet-food related news (which I expect will be temporary) has become overwhelming to deal with in the "news" section of the aggregator. It is not affecting the blog-postings section nearly as much, especially for all of you who signed up for the "trusted sources" RSS blog-feed setups (i.e., the sites with the "thumbs up" rating), since I am able to prioritize your blogs as relevant celiac disease discussion and news - ahead of the likely "gluten-SPAM" of late :)

I just took additional steps to further de-prioritize the blog-posts from unknown (not "trusted") sources on the aggregator. But, I have a feeling we're going to be seeing some entries not related to Celiac showing up for a while yet. And, I gave up on filtering the news section, as it has just become overwhelming. Arghhhh! So, for the next couple weeks, I'd expect the gluten-free blog postings to be pretty good (and relevant), but the aggregated news will be mostly about pet-food.

NOTE: if you have a CD/GF blog you want added as "trusted", just let me know - and, you'll be sure not to be lost in the pet-food group :)

In this weird way, maybe it's a good thing to get more news out about gluten, what it is, and why it may be beneficial to avoid it even if you are not a gluten-free or Celiac Disease candidate elsewise. I think it is safe to say that nearly everyone has now heard about "gluten", whether they still know what the relation to CD and gluten enteropathy is. So, the next time you tell someone you are gluten-free, at least there will be a good chance they will have heard of gluten, and you'll have less explaining to do.

I did notice an increase in my gluten-free recipes book sales the past few days. I wonder if that is because people are thinking it will be safer to do some gluten-free baking themselves, and eat gluten-free foods instead of accidentally exposing themselves to imported contaminated Chinese gluten. Or, maybe they just have a taste from some great gluten-free desserts! :)


Lynn Barry said...

Congrats on the increase in sales for your amazing cookbook! BRAVO!

Allie said...

Hey Mike!
Got your post, and I actually had a sesame Glutino bagel for breakfast this morning! Yum.

I would love to be added to your news feed - my plan though, is to switch to Wordpress from Blogger fairly soon. I just need to get my act together and design it, and transfer all of my posts... So I should probably wait until that point. My goal is to have that up by next week, but it will be a different URL.


kbabe1968 said...

THANKS! for visiting my site! I so appreciate your offer. Looking into it and will most likely go thru the steps. We have a busy week this week, so it may take me a few days! THANKYOU again. Your desserts look phenomenal! :D

Mike Eberhart said...

Lynn, thanks for stopping by! :)

Allie - Wordpress is really easy for me to pull from, and requires no additional Feedburner setup, so that sounds great. Let me know when the new site is ready. Thanks!

kbabe... - Nice to see you here! Thanks for the compliments on the desserts, and here's hoping you a successful (though busy) week!

Erin S. said...

Mike, congratulations on your increased sales. I hope that the GF vendor fair also helps with recipe book sales! I look forward to meeting you there.

Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks, and hope to see you there also. I'm just wondering how busy we'll be. I figured a 6-hour event, with 1000 attendees... I'd have to meet 3 people per minute! :)

ana montero said...

Congratulions for your sales, Mike. I hope you sell a lot of good books. Internet is a great invention!!!!
In spanish language: Besitos para todos sin gluten. (Kisses gluten free for everybody)

Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks Ana. I agree - the Internet is a wonderful thing. It helps many of us locate and communicate with one another when it would be otherwise impossible. Now, if we could just clean up all the garbage-advertising-sites on the web, it'd really be great :)