Monday, April 09, 2007

2007 Suffolk County Celiacs Gluten-Free Vendor Fair

I just wanted to let everyone know that Laura and I will be attending the 2007 Suffolk County Celiacs Gluten Free Vendor Fair in New York (out on Long Island), on Sunday April 29th, 2007 from 11:00am to 5:00pm. The event is being held at:

Farmingdale State College
Roosevelt Hall
2350 Broadhollow Rd (i.e., Route 110)
Farmingdale, NY 11735

We have registered as a vendor, and will be there to show our Gourmet Desserts Book: Gluten-Free Recipes. This is our first real event to actually exhibit at. And, to kick things off in a grand way, we are going to offer an incredible Show Special Discount Price that we can not otherwise offer elsewhere, since we won't have any wrapping, boxing, label-printing, and postage / shipping-costs to contend with for each book. Also, we won't have any Visa or credit-card fees to pay, since we have no way to accept credit-cards at the event - which, implies this is going to be a cash-only offering.

We can only offer for sale as many of the gluten-free desserts books we can bring with us in our car. This is going to be limited, since the books weigh about 3 pounds each. I doubt we can bring more than a 120 or so copies with us. So, first-come, first-serve is all we can do for this event.

Bottom line: if you have wanted the book, and you are from the area or planning to attend the Suffolk County Gluten-Free Vendor Fair, this is going to be the best price you'll ever see our book sold for. And, we hope you are lucky enough to be one of the people that gets one.

I'm also looking forward to all the other gluten-free product vendors that are going to be there. The Suffolk County Celiacs still need to update their gluten-free vendors list (on their website) to reflect all the confirmed attendees, but I have seen the list (of which we are one) and there is a wonderfully large group of vendors lined up! I hope I get time to actually do some shopping while I am there. :)


Dianne said...

Good luck with the book sales in NY! You should have told me you were doing this, before you shipped my book, I could do with another holiday!

Mike Eberhart said...

Well Diane, if you really really need an excuse to come to America, I'll trade you some books at the event for some of those wonderful UK chocolates and teas I like so much. So, let me know if you want to take an order :)

There are supposed to be a LOT of vendors there too -- you could stock up on all sorts of GF goodies!

Erin S. said...

Mike, I am very much looking forward to meeting you at the vendor fair. Good luck with the drive and the sales!

Dianne said...

Hi Mike

Send me the list later in the year! I'm crossing the pond, early next year!


Lynn Barry said...

My daughter-in-law seems to think she should stay away from wheat but she loves to make fancy desserts so...of course I am letting her try your cook book Mike...she is excited. I told her to take care of my "signed" copy.

Mike Eberhart said...

Dianne, I just may take you up on that :)

And, perhaps if we make it to the UK we can do the same and bring you some goodies!

Lynn, I'm sure your daughter will enjoy the book, and take good care of it. More and more wheat-free people are in the making it seems.