Sunday, February 25, 2007

Current happenings at the GF Blog

Shipping Gluten-Free Cookbooks to the UK
I have been wondering for some time now how long it takes to ship one of our gluten-free recipe books to the United Kingdom (UK). Thanks to Dianne's feedback, I now have a pretty good idea. Fact is, the US Postal Service's economy shipping to the UK is very very slow. It took the full 6 weeks that the USPS estimated it would take. That is just a bit ridiculous. I joked that perhaps the post office sent the book to her by rowboat. I may start offering global priority-mail to the UK, though it'll cost more, just to get the deliver time down to a week or less. I have already used it for Australia and some other destinations where, quite literally, it cost the same amount to send a recipe book by slowest method or priority. Strange, but true. In the case of the UK, slower is definitely cheaper, but wow... 6 weeks is a bit much!

I'm still waiting to hear whether UK receivers are hit with any sort of import duties, taxes, customs, or fees of any sort (since others have asked me and I do not know the answer). Hopefully, there isn't such a thing. But, it seems that many governments like a "cut" of whatever they can get their hands on. So, I am definitely curious to see how the UK handles this.

Our Book-Editor prepares for Grad School
In other gluten-free news, my editor and proofreader is bound to be busy for a few years. Our daughter (aka, our editor) is wrapping up her undergrad in English and Psychology, and has been applying to various graduate programs for the Fall. She was at first heavily considering a university in the UK that accepted her, but developments this week have altered the likelihood of the UK being her ultimate destination. She just received a wonderful offer from a highly-ranked US college to enter a direct-PhD/doctoral program in English. It's a pretty hard offer to beat, so the UK school is likely going to fall out of the running. There goes my "excuse" to do some traveling to the UK, though I still would like to eventually make it over there for sightseeing.

We are so proud of our daughter's hard work these past 4 years. She did everything possible to ensure her entry into a top notch graduate program. I have never seen anyone work so hard. In fact, when I compare my own undergrad efforts to hers, I feel a bit like a slacker. Sure, I had a job all through college, and I studied, but nothing like what she does. It seems like most waking hours for her are consumed with studying or by other academic related responsibilities. That goes well beyond the level of dedication I had back in the day.

If studying was not enough, she also interned at The Cleveland Clinic in a highly regarded program supervising ADD/ADHD kids one year, did a summer Scholar's project work on Thomas Hardy the next year, has presented some of her writings at a national English honors group convention, has written for the college newspaper, is currently managing her college's independent literary publication, and, of course, has served as Editor and Proofreader for our Gluten-Free Gourmet Desserts book publishing effort. I'm sure it was the latter experience with our book that solidified her future in a well ranked graduate program (or, so I'd like to think) :)

And other stuff...
Though I can't compete with my daughter's efforts, it's also been a really busy week for me, and I'm just taking a quick break to write this blog entry and drool over the homemade gourmet vanilla ice-cream my wife is currently creating. It's a bit late in the day for eating it now I guess, gluten-free or not. But, it's pretty much a given that I am sure to "sample" some of it for breakfast first thing in the morning! :)

I've got another busy week ahead of me, but I still hope to get around to implementing the gluten-free news aggregator by this time next week. I also have the same pending GF product reviews to get to. Hmmm... I guess I'm not doing the best job of knocking items off of my "to-do" list at the moment. Here's hoping I improve at multi-tasking this week.


Mike Eberhart said...

Funny, if I had only read my company email before writing this. Another UK buyer just sent me a note saying how they got their book in 5 weeks total, and that they did NOT have to pay any sort of duties or taxes. That's great news! (well, the tax part at least... 5 weeks is still a bit long in my opinion).

Lynn Barry said...

Your parental pride is lit up from Ohio and beyond. Congrats to your daughter/editor for all her successes so far and for such an exciting future because of her hard work and dedication to excellence.
My grandpa used to say,"I was so proud, my buttons almost popped off my vest."
It seems you and your wife set the bar high in all aspects of your lives, so I think it was a natural path for your daughter to follow.

Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks Lynn. I actually don't know that we set the bar that high on all things, but I know that from an early age, we explained to our daughter how important education is. She definitely took that advice to heart, and has gone the extra mile in learning. And, you are so right - our parental pride is fully developed now :)