Saturday, November 18, 2006

A race to the finish line.

Time just seems to fly by, and not just when you are having fun! I have been working at a frenetic pace all week on getting the last issues worked out with my gluten-free recipes book sales website so I can actually accept online payment for the books when they show up (if on schedule) next week. I have completed the integration of online payment processing finally! Whew! It works for USA shipping-destinations at least, and aside from the few anomalous overseas pre-orders I have to figure out how to calculate shipping for yet (eek!), I think it is ready for business.

The finish line is near! Or, is it? It seems this is just the beginning, as I now have to process all the preorders that stacked up over the past few months, and then deliver books to various retail locations (at least the ones close enough to drive to) in time for the all important holiday shopping season. I still plan to put a web-page up that lists the various retail distributors, and that should start taking shape next week or soon thereafter.

I also need to work out a better arrangement with the good old US Post Office too - since, according to one worker there thusfar, I will need to take every single book to the Post Office to send (they claim that due to new security regulations, I can not put anything over a pound out in the mailbox for delivery - each recipe book will have to "pass over the counter" at the Post Office)!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving next week, simply for a time to relax (at least for a day). My wife has been busy creating some new dessert recipes I will get to posting soon too -- hopefully in time for Thanksgiving, since a couple are really a nice match for the holiday: a gluten-free pumpkin Bundt cake (it was darn good!), and some nice muffins featuring pumpkin, cranberry, walnuts, apples, and a few other things. And, they are both gluten-free and dairy-free! (trying to be conscious of that crowd too these days).

I also have tried a few new gluten-free baking products and gluten-free foods recently that I hope to blog about. I want to give recommendations where a product merits it - and, I have found a few items I really like.

One notable product I tried was "Mary's Gone Crackers" Original variety - a very crispy and hearty cracker with a sort of nutty flavor. Wheat-free, Gluten-free and organic, featuring whole grain brown rice, quinoa, flax seeds and brown sesame seeds, with no added fat. I ate some with a type of Indian Relish I really like (which I normally will serve over rice), and they were excellent together! I plan to try some Garlic Hummus on them soon too - yum!

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