Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Bogged down in details; recipes coming soon...

I feel guilty for having recently promised a Gluten Free Pumpkin Roll recipe. I have it, I just need to get it posted. I just got bogged down with all sorts of things lately that I did not expect at this point in the book-sales process.

And, since that last promised recipe, Laura has made another good one -- a nice Apple Crisp that is completely dairy-free and gluten-free. She plans a bit of fine tuning, but it won't be long either. In fact, there are a few more main-courses that I hope to get recipes for too; like her pesto-stuffed pork roast (oh my gosh was it awesome!).

In the mean time, we did manage to do our duty and vote the other day. I voted for the party that would cure Celiac Disease. OK, perhaps not... since I don't think either party has such a cure at their disposal. But, it sounded good :)

Back soon with some better gluten free blog discussions. I have so much info from the Columbus Celiac even I still want to disseminate; especially stuff about the latest in Celiac Disease testing (including Genetic tests), and some of the information about related-diseases to watch out for (oh yes, this disease brings with it strong correlations to other diseases... not something you want to hear, but best to be informed and stay watchful).


Lynn Barry said...

I like the new look.
Dairy free AND gluten free...can't wait to see the apple crisp recipe. You guys are the BEST!

Mike Eberhart said...

Ah yes, the new look. Well, I was trying to work on my old blog template, and then blogger beta offered these new and improved ones. So, being enticed by technical wonders, I had to try it :)

I must say, blogger beta is nifty in how you can design your layout via a pseudo-GUI, but I really really do not like how it is nearly impossible to do manual modifications to the HTML template that remain "acceptable" to the template-parser. I figure over time I will get the hang of how to make it behave the way I want.

And, thanks for the compliment. I'll try to get the recipes up soon. BTW, you should see your book tomorrow if USPS is running on time (I hope!)