Thursday, November 30, 2006

A bit of a rant while waiting (not patiently) for cookbooks!

I am just a bit frustrated to say the least.

My books were supposed to be here today, and it is 4:30PM and needless to say I have yet to hear from the shipping company that promised last week to have them here by now! Everything went perfect with this process from the standpoint of the Printing company - they did everything wonderful, and on or ahead of time. Then, when the books got passed off to the shipping company in Los Angeles, nothing but delays have been the normal. And, it is always "soon" or "tomorrow" for each step - like, releasing from the warehouse and putting on a train... to the train getting into Cleveland... to the local Cleveland warehouse calling to tell me they will be delivering.

Maybe it is just the Holiday rush that is making all this happen. I'd much rather believe that then think that the workers at the shipping company are just lazy or terrible with logistics (which would seem to be their primary business!). My patience is wearing thin. Anxious is an understatement. I want my books!

Had I known this type of delay would occur, I would have been darn temped to use some frequent flyer miles to hop out to LA a few weeks back and bring a few dozen books back (whatever I could fit into checked-luggage) immediately so I could start shipping to people. But, it is a bit late to be second guessing things, and I doubt I could do a "mission impossible" and jump onto a moving freight-train in order to secure a few copies now.

So, the gluten-free cookbooks arrival seems destined to slip (at least) another day. I have been trying to keep busy so I don't think about it, but it is difficult. We have a lot tied up in these things, and need to get busy promoting them. Oh well, life as an entrepreneur I guess. heh.

I think that, in order to relax, I will need to consume some decadent gluten free dessert... I just happen to have some gluten-free chocolate cheesecake in the freezer for such an emergency! Books, get here soon lest I run out of cheesecake!


Lynn Barry said...

That stinks! I like the Mission Impossible idea...after all, Cruise got dumped, you could be the new MI dude and make a movie about you rescuing the cook books, dashing in and out of GF restaurants and book stores...maybe a cape with GF splashed across the back...

Shannon said...

Deep breath! Become one with the chocolate cheesecake. All will be well. The books will arrive. Your customers will be overjoyed when they arrive. And stores will be hard pressed to keep up with the demand for GF flours.

Don't worry. It will all work out.

Mike Eberhart said...

I blame last night's less than perfect sleep on my mind thinking about these books. Just sent another Email to the shipper in hopes they have some good news.

I was watching Fox News last night, and what would be on there other than news about a train derailment in NW Ohio... I checked the map, and it was between where my books were the day before, and their Cleveland destination. The only good news (for me, not for persons near the accident) was that of the two trains involved, the one headed towards Cleveland was reportedly a coal-carrying train. But, I now wonder if that got in the way causing delays for other trains.

Lynn, if the books don't show soon, I may well do that MI-4 movie :)

Shannon, I hope you are right. I can't help thinking I am missing some prime holiday-sales opportunities though. ARghhhhhh.