Thursday, October 19, 2006

War on the skunk(s) is imminent.

I am a bit late getting around to my gluten free blogging today, mainly because I could not sleep to amount to anything last night. I had intended to post a new recipe for a gluten free pumpkin pancake I made yesterday, but that is going to wait til tomorrow now since I just feel a bit more than distracted.

Last evening around 8PM we were watching TV when slowly but surely the smell of skunk starts entering our living room, and this is with all the windows and doors closed up since it was cooler and rainy outside. So, we start looking around for where the smell was coming from, and it was strongest in the basement of all places. Basically, it appears that a skunk has probably made a den under the deck immediately behind our house, and/or it was under there when it sprayed its foul smelling spray. That smell was so strong it seemed to leech through the basement wall or something, right into our house.

So, even after trying to air the place out some, the house just stunk all night. And, by the 2AM, I was nauseous from the smell. So, time for war! I placed ammonia-soaked rags under the deck since that is supposed to encourage skunks to leave. But, since the skunk(s) go all the way to the furthest unreachable corner of the deck and under an old concrete porch base that is under that deck, I can't get to their den-hole. I would not care about the rodents living there, but oh my god the smell is gut-wrenching when they let loose with that spray. Next will come some pepper-spray type concoction to soak the area with, and then who knows what. Eradication is a necessity if I am to enjoy breathing fresh air any time soon.

One thing for sure, I need to start taking any gluten free leftover food much further from the house. I think that may be attracting the skunks, just like it attracts the raccoons, birds, and deer. Nothing quite like a smelly party-guest to ruin the party for everyone!

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Lynn Barry said...

Sweet Tooth and now Pepe la Pu!

I think children's stories are in your future.

funny stuff to read, not funny to smell...good luck