Monday, October 23, 2006

Monday, exciting Monday! Recipe Books arrival!

Mondays are not always the best day of the week, but for me, this Monday is going to be hard to beat. Just a bit ago, I saw the DHL Courier Van backing up into my driveway, and I thought "could it be?" I was not expecting my first book copies until the end of this week, or early next week, but I also did not expect any other shipments.

Yes, the delivery was my first 12 advance copies of our new Gluten Free Desserts book! I was jumping for joy, but I had to do so alone since everyone else was already out and about for the day. Had I known the books would arrive early, perhaps I would have had company during my mini celebration. Regardless, I am excited and very much pleased with the results.

Up until now, I have had a good feel for what the final book would look like, but the book was always in pre-assembled form, which left a bit to the imagination. But, not any more. It is now here in its full-color glory, and looks like I had envisioned. I called my mother and let her know the good news, and I am planning a whole bunch of activity for the day now -- I need to go show some area health food store owners (since they agreed to sell the book for me sight unseen), and pay some visits to friends and family and so on. Oh the excitement!

The only down-side to this is that it really makes me think about how much more work I have to do in order to fully support this gluten-free book sales operation. I have roughly a month until the remaining couple thousand books arrive. And, I still don't have the payment-processing up and running on the web (though, banks and vendors tell me it only takes a week or two after I decide which vendor I am going with), I still have to convert the book to "preview" format for Google-Books (I am partially done, but much more effort required), and so much more. So, now I am struggling with the intense dichotomy of excitement and a semi-overwhelming feeling of how much work I have ahead of me.

On that note, I think I just need to go exercise a bit and burn off some excitement energy, and warm up my brain for all the work I have ahead of me. At least the weather outside lately has been cold and damp... that'll motivate me to stay inside and work perhaps. :)


Lynn Barry said...

Congratulations, Mike! Sorry you had to receive your newborn babies all alone but you can rock them until the family returns...A wonderful feeling, seeing your creation born. ENJOY, you deserve it. And remember to let me know how much to send to you for that SIGNED copy I requested. Thanks.

Mike Eberhart said...

Thanks Lynn.
As for letting you know how much to send for the book, I am just tyring to figure out where these initial few books need to be allocated. If I have enough to spare one prior to the whole shipment showing up, I'll let you know.

Lynn Barry said...

No rush...whenever you get it together etc. Good luck with the business side of it, never the most fun part but necessary.