Wednesday, October 11, 2006

The leaves are turning colors in Cleveland. Snow on the way tomorrow!

It is that time of year in northeast Ohio when the leaves go through some spectacular color changes. The various Maple trees in particular are putting on a stunning display during their transformation from green to brown, with beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and red throughout the cycle. We have had nearly perfect weather for the past few days -- highs in the low 70's, lows in the 50's, which has even further enhanced this vivid landscape by making one want to get out and enjoy the last remnants of Summer.

The forecast is showing a low of 29-Degrees F tomorrow though! Eeeeek! How we can drop from 70 to 30 in one day always amazes me, and how we can go from sunshine and gorgeous weather to a prediction of snow for tomorrow and/or Friday is utterly astonishing! I am not ready to let go of summer, and I am certainly not ready for snow.

The only upside to inclement weather, from my personal standpoint, is that it rather forces me to address some of my to-do-list tasks that require me to stay indoors - like writing another entry on my gluten-free blog. I also tend to get more baking done when the weather is less than perfect, which usually yields additional gluten free recipes that I can share with others. And, I still have a fair amount of work to get done on the gluten free recipe book site -- though, substantial progress on the gluten free recipes library has been made over the past few days even while the weather was nearly perfect (since it now gets dark here at 7:30 or just past, there are ample evening hours to make up for daytime fun in the sun). The library now has a couple recipes online, and more are on the way. Most importantly, the internal infrastructure to support faster rollout of future recipes is in place, as I have now finished the roughest aspects of the programming required to make this all possible. So, it is more or less out of "beta" stage, and I should have more recipes on there soon.

Though I am pleased with my progress on the website side of things, I am much less happy about the progress my stomach/GI-region has gone through since I blogged about whether the issues I had about a month ago were from Celiac or something else. Every time my gut acts like it is getting better for a couple days, I get the rude reminder that it is not 100% yet when I experience this general feeling of nausea and/or pain in my mid-section. It's been especially bothersome at night, when I have woke to stabbing pain in the middle of my belly off an on now for 4 weeks. I don't know if it from residual gluten exposure or anything related to Celiac Disease, or whether it is some new bother entering my life. I finally gave in and called to setup a doctor appointment -- nearest time slot open was Friday; guess I'll be waiting for a couple more days, pain or not. The worst thing is, the doctor that had an opening Friday isn't exactly very well informed about gluten intolerance or Celiac (from prior experience), and it's been a while since I saw this particular guy... probably have to bring him up to speed on my overall condition, then try to discuss the current symptoms, all in about a 15 minute consultation. I can predict the outcome already: "here's a prescription for xxx" to help with this stomach, or "I think you should get scoped" or something equally lovely. I have not had lingering GI pain last this long ever before, even after gluten exposure, so I find myself just wanting answers (and hoping the doctor has something to offer that I can't already figure out myself). Oh well, enough of this lengthy discourse... writing isn't relieving the symptoms. Bummer.


Lynn Barry said...

I will be thinking of you on Friday, Mike. I hope the Dr can figure out what the problem is. I take meds for acid reflux, which was discovered after an endoscopy was performed a year ago.

The leaf pic is gorgeous. This is my favorite time of year. Since I don't live all that far from you (in southwest NY)my experience weatherwise has been the same lately. Time to bundle up, looks like. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I hear you about the frustration of "is it Celiac or something else?" Even on a gluten-free diet I experience a lot of GI distress. It's frustrating. BTW, I am linking to your blog from mine - Hope that's alright.

Mike Eberhart said...

Lynn, if you are getting the same weather, well,... it is SNOWING here now! Some moderately heavy flurries on occasion. I'm still not ready for winter though.

GF-by-the-bay: Thanks for linking to my blog... I'll return the favor soon.

This GI distress seems common among GF persons. I really do not want to have to take meds for it, and just keep hoping I can remove the issue by carefully adjusting my diet and such. Wishful thinking? Perhaps, but I want to be positive about the prospects for now.