Monday, October 16, 2006

Gluten Free Recipe Book proofs arrived today

After much anticipation, I have finally seen what my new Gluten Free Recipes Book is actually going to look like -- and, it looks nothing short of spectacular! The printing company has done an awesome job getting the color photography to look exactly as I envisioned it. How exciting!

The proof copy I have seen today is not bound yet; they sent me what they call an F&G sample (Folded and Gathered) which is run on the real presses, but is not yet bound together in final book format. And, they sent me a couple book-cover samples too, which I was also quite pleased with. It basically all looked like a book that someone didn't assemble - so, pretty easy to get a feel for what the final product will be.

Oh how I wish I did not have to wait any longer to get the final books, but I must. The final binding and finishing is now due on October 26th, and the printing company is to FedEx me about a dozen copies immediately thereafter, so I should have a few in hands by Halloween. The remaining couple-thousand books are to be boxed, palletized, and shipped to me over the following month (I must remain patient while the books are in transit! arghh!). And, I must prepare for the reality of storing a few tons of books until we get them to our retailers and sell the rest on the web -- this should be "fun".

Needless to say, my wife, daughter, and I are all very excited! This is our first published gluten free recipes book (on gluten free desserts in particular), and it will not be our last book either, since we already have another one (biscotti and scones) in the works. I have no idea how many others we may eventually undertake, but we have already met our primary objective of really seeing this adventure through and getting a GF book published.


Anonymous said...

Wow, so exciting! Once you get your copies, if you are interested in me reviewing it for my blog please let me know, it'd be my pleasure!

Lynn Barry said...

I changed the link name. I would love to buy a signed copy of your book, if possible. Thanks.

Gluten Free MappyB said...

Congrats!!! THat is so exciting! I can't wait to check out the finished product!

Anonymous said...

Oooh! Your cookbook sounds like it will be great. I have such a horrible sweet tooth. I know I am going to miss many of my usual treats (I just received my difinitive diagnosis this past Thursday.) I'll be interested to check out your book once it is available (I have a serious addiction to cookbooks.)

Mike Eberhart said...

I know the feeling. One of the things I just could not live without after having to go gluten free was a good chocolate cake. That same chocolate cake "requirement" is what made the book take off. After both my mother and wife worked on variation after variation, they finally made one I consider PERFECT, GF or not. And, that convinved me that gluten-free could be as good as the real thing. Here is a picture of it: Gluten-Free Double Chocolate Ganache Cake. I can eat half a cake at once if not kept in check by my wife :)

Lynn, thanks much for the link and buying a book. I'll be honored to sign it for a fellow book-writer.

Mappyb -- Thanks. It sounds like others are nearly as excited as I am about getting the books in!

By-they-bay: Thanks for the offer. I have had quite a few offers from people to review the book, and since I am offering a money-back-guarantee, I assume sooner or later someone will return one, and when they do, those copies will be what I distribute for reviewers/libraries/etc. Until then, you can always order one if you like :)

I have a "pre-orders" list thats growing since the word is getting out now. Still implementing payment abilities on website, so it's literally just a list (no money now) that anyone can be put on. There is a pre-order discount on the book site currently too.