Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Busy, but not on the Gluten Free Blog today

For those awaiting updated posts on the gluten free blog, I hope you have patience. I have gotten so wrapped up in getting this recipe-postings section on my book site done that I have not put much time aside for anything else. And, as with nearly all programming "fun" (from experience), there is always some technical challenge to get past.

At least the Sunday dinner for our friends went well. The gluten-free foods selection was a hit, and we were able to try out our most recent gluten-free bread on the non-GF group, as well as some tried and true favorites like GF Carrot Cake and GF Chocolate Cheesecake.

My one friend got a bit hung up on the topic of "Gluten" when we entered into that conversation, and just wouldn't let it die... he ultimately ended up proclaiming that the evil "Glutens" are lurking in our food and that these "Glutens" are to be likened to alien invaders of a micro-size. Got me what the fascination is/was, but he really seemed to enjoy this view of the "enemy". I think (in my "spare" time - yeah, right) I will create a mini cartoon entitled the "Glutens" and create some little characters doing their dastardly deeds inside my food and/or body. I need to summon my creative powers for that though, and they are stretched thin at the moment. But, in time... another thing on my gluten-free to-do list :)

Hopefully I'll be back to a normal schedule soon - just have to get past some more website "fun".


Lynn Barry said...

I am glad your dinner went well, and even though I was not diagnosed with Celiacs (I had been gluten free for a while so if I am it didn't show up because I stopped ingesting it)I can relate. I get teased about "gluten" references and I know they are happy for me in that I feel free of feeling bad after eating, but it gets to be a bit much sometimes. I used to feel uncomfortable inside as and after I ate anything with gluten and had facial rashes and itchy blisters and headaches...ALL GONE NOW!
So any way. Again, I want to thank you for your blog. I really enjoy your pics and postings. It is nice to be able to read and comment on something that I am dealing with too. Take care.

Mike Eberhart said...


I am always glad to hear that you like my gluten-free blog, and the I am discussing issues that others have gone through as well.

The whole gluten/celiac discussions can sometime overwhelm, like especially when this friend wouldn't let it go and just kept pounding the whole "glutens" thing. But, I have to accept that everyone else has their own way of discussing things (especially medical things) that they are unfamiliar with.

I am definitely pleased to hear that you no longer get all those symptoms: some of those sound quite horrible! Itchy Blisters! I am sure you must feel better without those in your life. I have read so many forum postings from different individuals afflicted with Celiac and/or gluten-intolerance, and the wide ranging symptoms from exposure never cease to amaze me. The one common thing though is how we all feel better without gluten in our lives now, and most symtoms stay away so long as we remain GF.