Saturday, September 30, 2006

Serving Gluten Free for Friends Tomorrow

One thing we always like to do is cook for friends, and of course the menu is Gluten Free even though the attendees are typically not persons with Celiac Disease. So, I have been busy creating a Gluten Free Chocolate Cheesecake (YUM! - a personal favorite) to go along with the dinner. It is not terribly tough to create a GF cheesecake, it just takes a bit of time to mix up and bake (and, allow to cool overnight).

We also created some lovely gluten free herb-stuffed mushrooms (almost like a pesto type filling, encrusted with parmesan cheese) -- that recipe will be posted soon by the way. Having a bit of pesto over rice-pasta for the vegetarians in attendance, and for the carnivores in the crowd it'll be a combination of Chinese-style 5-spice whole roasted chicken, and a barbecued roasted chicken (for anyone not into the Chinese spices). And, starting off with a colorful, but simple, fruit dish is always good. Veggies: pan-seared Asparagus, done with a bit of garlic powder and a touch of gluten free tamari (wheat free soy sauce).

So, not too much time to blog as we prepare for tomorrow's guests. We always know our gluten free cooking is a success when friends (in this case ones we have not seen for many years) come over and love all the food without even realizing it's gluten-free. I recommend this approach to testing out all your favorite gluten free recipes.

And, I have been busy working on the book site -- though, not obvious to anyone that would be looking. Focusing mainly on the upcoming "gluten free recipes library" section. It's not open to the public yet, but it is taking shape. Had to do a lot of SQL-Server Database programming and ASP.Net 2.0 stuff (oops... my techno/geeky side is showing!), but the efforts will make it much easier to publish recipes quicker in the future, which everyone will eventually appreciate.

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Lynn Barry said...

Looking forward to reading all about the dinner.
Good going on the geeky tech stuff.